Member Spotlight- Go To Gal

02 Oct Member Spotlight- Go To Gal

If you seem to be constantly on the go…go…go and could really use more hours in the day, contact Go To Gal. A personal assistant to help with all the stuff that you need to do but can’t quite squeeze another errand or project into your day! Contact Alesia Stout, the Go To Gal at 620-480-9220 for a helping hand. Of course, many of you are thinking “yahoo, someone to pick up the groceries, clean the fridge, and walk the dog” but Go To Gal is helpful in many more capacities. Alesia Stout, Go To Gal, attributes her versatility to her parents, sharing that her mom is the “go getter type” and her dad taught her how to accomplish many household fix-it tasks.

By now, your mind is racing and you have the phone in hand to call Go To Gal to check off the “honey do list” that still isn’t done. Go To Gal can paint, shampoo carpets, pull weeds, clean out air conditioner units and much more. Alesia said she has been hired to pet/house sit and water plants for vacationers, unpack, help organize and put things away for someone who recently moved and has provided elder companion care while their caretaker had an appointment. Go To Gal can also help address envelopes for a mailer or complete administrative tasks.

What about someone to organize and hold a garage sale, wrap all those holiday packages, and run errands? Go To Gal can help; call 620-480-9220 to schedule or find out more on the Go To Gal Facebook page. Christmas/birthday/any occasion gift alert…if you didn’t know; your spouse, friend and parents would LOVE personal assistant services. Contact Go To Gal for assistance and expect a helpful, friendly attitude.