Categories of membership to the McPherson Chamber of Commerce as of 8/1/2022

General- Includes construction, manufacturing, industrial, retail, service and any other business that does not fit into any of the remaining categories.

  • $265.00 Base Rate plus $5.00 per employee
  • Out of County businesses (no physical location in county) $265 base rate for up to 20 employees, $405 for businesses with 21+ employees

Financial-Includes banks, savings & loans, credit unions, etc.

  • $265.00 Base Rate plus $25 per $1 million in deposits.

Hotel/Motel-Includes hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts

  • $265.00 Base Rate plus $5.00 per full-time employee

Professionals-Includes accounting, architectural, chiropractic, dental, engineering, financial planning, insurance, investment advisors, legal, medical, optometry, real estate, stock brokers, veterinary, etc.

  • $265.00 Base Rate plus
  • $40.00 per licensed non owner, plus $5.00 per non licensed employee

Home Based Business – $160.00
Includes business that operate from home, or realtors that want to be listed independently

Restaurant/Bar-$265.00 Base Rate
Includes all restaurants, clubs, bars, coffee shops, food trucks etc.

Utilities-Electricity, gas, water, telephone, cable, etc.

  • $265.00 Base Rate plus
  • $35.00 per employee for 1-50
  • $20.00 per employee for 51-100
  • $10.00 per employee over 100

Government – $2,025
Provides membership for all employees

Non-Profits -$160.00 Base Rate plus $2.00 per employee
Available to churches, civic or service organizations chartered under the Kansas non-profit 501c(3) designation

Individuals – $95.00
Includes education, government, farmers & public service (not affiliated with a business)

Retired & Students– $25.00 (not affiliated with a business)