McPherson County E-Community Loan Program

The McPherson County Entrepreneurship Community loan program was created through the Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship Tax Credit Program and Network Kansas.  The program is administered by the McPherson Chamber of Commerce to encourage entrepreneurial activity in the communities of McPherson County.

Qualifying entrepreneurial projects may include startup businesses, as well as existing business purchases and/or expansions. Funding is provided at 4% for 1–5-year loans, and 6% for loan terms of 6-10 years. The minimum loan request is $5,000 and maximum is $50,000. E-Community funding is “gap financing” and cannot exceed 40% of the total funding package.  To utilize the maximum 40% available from the E-Community Loan Fund there is a 60% match required from either a bank, or a Network Kansas Fund Partner (KCIF, KHFI, SBA, USDA, Main Street, South Central Kansas Economic Development Division (SCKEDD).  Loan funds are limited and are reserved for projects that demonstrate a high likelihood of success.

Capital needed $100,000
Bank Loan (60%) $60,000
E-Community Loan (40%) $40,000

E-Community Loan Application


Qualification Criteria: 

  • Anyone wishing to start, purchase or expand a business in McPherson County
  • Must be a member of the McPherson Chamber of Commerce
  • Preference will be given to projects that create quality jobs, increase economic benefits and improve property values and design

Use of Funds

  • Purchase of business equipment
  • Purchase of business inventory
  • Purchase of real estate
  • Working capital
  • Existing inventory


  • $50.00 non-refundable application fee


  • 12 month – 120 month term.  Length will be determined by amount borrowed
  • No penalty for early repayment


  • Minimum loan request is $5,000 with a $50,000 maximum amount available per applicant business.
  • Must be a member of the McPherson Chamber for the duration of the loan.
  • As of April 1, 2024, interest rates are structured as 4% if the loan is 5 years or less, and 6% for loans of 6-10 years. Complete application & detailed information is available for download here: 2021 E-Community Loan Application or by calling the McPherson Chamber of Commerce at 241-3303 or any McPherson County financial institution.

The Loan Process

The E-Community Financial Review Board will use a scoring rubric for all applications made for funds through the E-Community Loan Program.

Scoring Criteria:

  • Financial Soundness
  • Owner/Operator Experience
  • Business Plan
  • Projected Growth & Economic Impact
  • Business Development Partnerships
  • Quality of Life Impact
  • Owner/3rd Party Funding
  • Community Commitment

McPherson County E-Community Economic Development Vision Goal

Continue to support the collaborative business environment and provide resources to encourage entrepreneurship and expansion of existing businesses. 

Additional Info

Loan funds may not be used for:

  • Paying off or refinancing existing debt
  • Salary or owner’s draw
  • Payroll taxes
  • Personal vehicles

Businesses That Do Not Qualify:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Gambling concerns
  • Floor planning concerns (i.e. wholesale auto inventory financing)
  • Speculative concerns
  • Lending or investment institutions
  • Multilevel marketing or pyramid sales

Applicants who are not eligible:

  • Convicted of felony offense
  • Past due on school loans
  • Past due on child support payments