Chamber Challenge

Join in the fun!  Chamber Challenge…A Battle of the Stars! 

The Challenge:  The McPherson Chamber of Commerce is looking for energetic people who get pumped about having fun, laughing and enjoy the spirit of friendly competition. We need teams of 6 people from 1 or more business/company or a combination of two companies to make up a team. The event will enhance employee engagement, having fun with a purpose, establishing rapport and a renewed sense of camaraderie, all while racking up ridiculous points to earn the coveted 2018 Chamber Challenge Championship title.

If you enjoy the unexpected and laughing, and you get pumped about the spirit of friendly competition, WE WANT YOU! The committee and staff have been conjuring up some great trickery and new ideas for games that of course have a bit of a twist.

“This is our 3rd year of the Chamber Challenge, it is an absolute blast. The event is a great way to promote team building among employees”, declares Jennifer Burch, Executive Director. “This year the Chamber Challenge finale will be held at 365 Sports Complex in Inman because each year we have more teams participating and need more room for the mystery games.”

The Chamber Challenge will officially begin on March 5th, 2018 as teams will complete three activities during the week. If you want to try out your team’s intellectual skills during a “Break-In adventure inside the creepy Haunted House”- (legal break in that is) and “see” who has the best I Spy talents, gather your team now! Teams will also get creative taking selfies and promoting their escapades and Chamber Challenge sponsors with Facebook live. Piqued your interest? Download the Team Registration and Sponsor Sign Up Here Chamber Challenge 2018.