A Look Back on Chamber Logos

A Look Back on Chamber Logos




This is the earliest McPherson Chamber of Commerce Logo that we are aware of. It was the letterhead of early board minutes in the 1950’s. Maybe commercial logos were not as common in 1921 when the McPherson Chamber was chartered?







The second logo was a significant change and was used in the 1970’s with the slogan “Progress is our Tradition!” It includes symbols of agriculture, oil, industry, and education.


This logo or possibly just a symbol, in various arrangements, showed up in Chamber publications in the 1990’s.





The recognizable “starburst” can be found on McPherson Chamber of Commerce membership plaques around town, and the McPherson ribbon was consistent with logos used by the City of McPherson, MIDC, McPherson Main Street, and the CVB.  According to the June, 3, 1998 McPherson Sentinel article, the logo, slogan and icon was unveiled in 1998.  The new slogan was “When It Matters…McPherson,” intended to “capture the spirit of McPherson.” The logo icon “features a design to show ambition, freshness and a positive attitude.” The road element “was designed to represent the ‘road to McPherson’ and to prosperity. The sun is seen as a positive visual effect, while the torch is to indicate an on-going commitment to the future of McPherson.”


The McPherson ribbon was continued in the 2013 McPherson Chamber of Commerce Logo with the “wave symbol” as I call it, that represents the Chamber in motion.


Trying to come up with a graphic that encompasses what the McPherson Chamber of Commerce does and is easily recognizable, was a tall order. In 2020 the board submitted words they felt best described the McPherson Chamber, and the current logo was created by Atelier Design and Print.