McPherson Advertising Council (Retail Arm of the Chamber of Commerce)

McPherson Advertising Council (Retail Arm of the Chamber of Commerce)

The McPherson Advertising Council (M.A.C.) was a promotion tool for McPherson, mentioned as far back as 1967/1968. MAC was originally comprised of a 15-member board with 6 committees.

“Whereas, retailers, wholesalers, service firms and individuals, are interested in creating a better market center for their trade territory the McPherson Advertising Council was organized as the retail development branch of the McPherson Chamber of Commerce.”

M.A.C. was reorganized in following years and letterhead states that the “McPherson Advertising Council is a voluntary organization comprised of retailers, wholesalers, service firms, and individuals that are members of the McPherson Chamber of Commerce.” “The two basic purposes of the McPherson Advertising Council, 1. Create a better business community for McPherson through general cooperation and coordination with the Chamber of Commerce and other organization of the community. 2.Organize advertising programs and promotions for the business community.”

What did M.A.C. do you ask?

  • In the June 11, 1974, board minutes, president of the MAC Council, Clayton Skinner, reported that the “Fun In The Sun Promotion had turned out to be a ‘Pain In The Rain.’”
  • A 1980 McPherson Advertising Council -Calendar Committee meeting listed these promotions: Dollar Day, M.A.C. Spring Fair, Mother’s Day, All Schools’ Day, Father’s Day, Rodeo Week, 4-H Fair, Rural Appreciation, Sidewalk Bazaar, Gold Rush Days, County Court House promotion, and Spook House.
  • In a report on plans for the Rodeo Week Promotion to be held July 16, 1981, included a “western swing dance in front of the Community Building. A bucking machine will also be in that block, as well as the road apple throwing contest.” Other suggestions noted were a wheelbarrow race with city officials, and a burro race between members of the news media, but apparently the tobacco spitting contest that had been discussed in an early meeting did not make it to the final planning stages!
  • 10/26/1982 minutes say “The City Commission has given approval for a plan to decorate the parking meter poles as peppermint sticks (with red and white ribbon or tape). Each business is asked to do the poles in front of their business.” It also mentioned “The Senior Center will be operating a ‘for pay’ gift wrapping service.
  • Other good stuff we found: “Sold over a 1000 ‘I Love Mac’ Buttons”, held a White Elephant Days, Santa was brought in by helicopter to kick off the Christmas promotion, organized Moonlight Madness, Washington’s Birthday Bonanza, Ladies Appreciation Day, Sidewalk Sales, and a Welcome Back Students event.

Towards the end of 1988, the McPherson Advertising Council’s role of organizing advertising programs and promotions for the downtown merchants was transitioned to a newly formed McPherson City Center association. In 1996, the name was changed to McPherson Main Street.

Although the McPherson Advertising Council is no longer a “retail arm of the chamber” the McPherson Chamber of Commerce continues to promote McPherson in various ways and collaborate with other organizations to “create a better business community!”

**Thank you to Atelier Design and Print, who printed this fun copy of McPherson Advertising Council sticker for us.