Not Much Change in Office Locations

Not Much Change in Office Locations

In searching for the original office location, which was not noted in the 1921 charter, the only clue we found were in the early Chamber Board minutes. The minutes indicate that the board of directors met in the “Directors Room” in the late 1920’s and mentioned they occasionally met at the McCourt Hotel in the 1930’s. The McPherson Library history database shows the address of the McCourt Hotel (formerly the Union Hotel) was located at 201 N. Main from 1930-1947 then 104 W Marlin in 1966) A side tidbit-The McCourt Hotel was owned by George McCourt, the first mayor or McPherson, KS who also owned the livery stable.

A written list was found in the files indicating that possible locations for the Chamber of Commerce were 106 N. Ash,  109.5 S. Main (in 1918, 1930, 1948, 1950), 106.5 Main (1938).

This photo printed in the 9/24/1954 Republican Paper shows the “new” office location for the McPherson Chamber of Commerce. The caption says “part of the new office quarters of the McPherson Chamber of Commerce in the new Price building in the 100 block on North Ash Street.” (which is 118 N. Ash) “The offices have been equipped with modernistic and attractive furnishings.”

After residing at 118 N. Ash for “slightly more than 25 years” records show that the McPherson Chamber then moved to 308 N. Main. (actually 306 N. Main). Newspaper article reads “ECCO, Inc. agreed to purchase the building and remodeled a portion of the facility to fit the needs of the Chamber. Work was completed in late 1977. The Chamber moved into the new facility in early December, 1977.

And 306 N. Main is where you will still find us today! Come see us!