Member Spotlight- Integrated Health & Wellness

Member Spotlight- Integrated Health & Wellness

Integrated Health & Wellness Center, located at 1319 East First, is dedicated to providing quality, individualized healthcare to their patients seeking relief from nerve, muscular, and skeletal conditions. Along with chiropractic care, they offer sports physicals, and Kinesio taping.

Dr. Brandon Trost shared their mission: to be patient focused, and their purpose: serving today for a better tomorrow. The team of professionals at Integrated Health & Wellness Center is ready to assist you in finding relief through a natural, drug-free approach to healthcare.

A new service they offer is in the area of weight management. Pam Krasdski, RN is the weight management coach for Integrated Health & Wellness Center. She was an ER nurse for 12 years, and is now concentrating on weigh loss management, to help patients on the front end of their healthcare.

The use of compression sleeves is another service Integrated Health & Wellness Center has available for their patients. Dr. Patrick Romm explained that the sleeves help return fluid back up to the body’s core. For example, people who suffer from pain and swelling in their feet, would use the compression sleeves to help move the fluid away from the feet, allowing for more ease in walking. Athletes have found compression sleeves to be very helpful and it has sped up their recovery time.

Another program Integrated Health & Wellness Center offers is Amino Neuro Frequency. ANF involves applying small disc-like stickers directly to the skin. This method is based on the concept of energy and frequency at the cellular level. Each disc is set to send specific levels of frequency to the area of placement. Different discs address different issues. They can help relieve pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.

Integrated Health & Wellness Center will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary in October. If you’d like to know more about these innovative approaches to help you be a healthier you, check out them out at, or call 620-504-6344.