Member Spotlight- Advanced Physical Therapy

Member Spotlight- Advanced Physical Therapy

If you are facing everyday aches and pains that seem to be getting the best of you, Advanced Physical Therapy, 400 W. 4th Street, just might be the solution. Advanced Physical Therapy has been in the McPherson community for 14 years, with clinics also located in Wichita, Hutchinson, Haysville, and Independence. They have a staff of physical therapists who strive to improve your particular health situation through careful evaluations and your own individualized treatment program.

Manager Heather Thiessen brings with her 20 years of experience as a physical therapist. She is part of team who works with patients that are facing surgery, already had surgery, or are dealing with a job or sports related injury. They also provide treatment for pediatric patients. Their desire is to see their patients receive the best possible care.

Some of the services include: ASTYM (breaking up scar tissue to promote regeneration of healthy tissue), kinesio taping, massage therapy, aquatic therapy, and an exercise program designed specifically for you and your unique situation and needs. The facility has private exam and treatment rooms, as well as a gym area with equipment to help with issues like balance or correcting a gait pattern. Contact Advanced Physical Therapy at 620-241-4201.

Advanced Physical Therapy strives to build a relationship with not only the patient, but also with the physician. This will help ensure that the most effective treatment plan will be provided for that individual. The desire is to improve the patient’s quality of life and achieve the best possible outcome.

So, if you find yourself facing surgery, injured somehow, or have an ache or pain that continues to plague you, consider Advanced Physical Therapy as an option. Their hours are 7 a.m.-6 p.m. (open through the lunch hour) and their team of experts are ready to help you reach your health goals.  Find out more about their specialized services and the McPherson team on their website