Member Spotlight – Advanced Physical Therapy

Member Spotlight – Advanced Physical Therapy

Advanced Physical Therapy was started back in 2004.  Heather Thiessen, part-owner, has been with the Company since the beginning. They originally started with 3 clinics in Wichita and now have 25, with the newest addition being in Newton. They have also recently partnered with another clinic in Kansas City. Advanced Physical Therapy has over 270 employees. They were ranked the best employees’ company in Wichita in 2020.

The McPherson location, 400 W. 4th St., has a small but MIGHTY team including Gabby – Coordinator, Amanda – Physical Therapist, Malory – Physical Therapy Assistant, and Heather – Physical Therapy Assist, Clinic Director, and part-owner. With a smaller team, they have excellent communication, so their patients can be confident that all their staff is on the same page as the Physical Therapist and knows what course of action Amanda is taking to improve the patients.

Some of their Specialties include dry needling, a modern treatment designed to ease muscular pain, and aquatic therapy, which is great for their veterans with chronic pain. They handle all types of sports injuries, concussions, and of course pre-ops and post-ops. With so many clinics under the Advanced Physical Therapy umbrella, if there is a specialty that they are unable to do, locally there is a clinic close by with another PT that can help.

They also offer a lot of pre-employment screenings so that employers can know that their hires can handle the physical hardships of their positions. In fact, they offer three types. Performance Capacity Evaluation (PCP) measures every joint and muscle range of motion. Work Steps, I think you can guess what this intel. And Atlas, which Heather is the only one certified to do in the state of Kansas, so they get patients from all over the state for the screening.

Advanced Physical Therapy treats everything from the head to the toe. For more information about Advanced Physical Therapy, give them a call at 620-241-4201, visit their website, or check out their Facebook page! Photos from Chamber Connections hosted by Advanced Physical Therapy can be seen here.