Member Spotlight – Advanced Physical Therapy

Member Spotlight – Advanced Physical Therapy

Whether it’s picking up grandkids, recovering from an injury, or excelling in your sport, Advanced Physical Therapy is there to help you live at your physical best. The crowd at the June 6th Chamber Connection hosted by Advanced Physical Therapy, 400 W. 4th Street, learned about the multitude of treatment options available at the McPherson clinic and the other locations in the state.

Clinic director Heather Thiessen has been at Advanced PT since shortly after it opened in McPherson 20 years ago. At that time, they had 3 clinics in the state of Kansas, now they have grown to 29.

They cover a range of physical therapy services including orthopedic rehab and Parkinson’s treatment. In addition to the specialized equipment that fills the clinic, techniques include manual manipulation, dry needling, and blood flow restriction. Some of the other clinics offer specialized physical therapies like pediatrics and pelvic floor therapy. McPherson’s clinic also does a lot of pre-employment screens to make sure employees will be able to safely perform their proposed job duties.

Advanced PT therapists are encouraged to get specialties and certifications because the medical field is always changing, and it’s important to stay on top of the newest developments. Despite different paths of training and treatment, Advanced PT abides by the following shared standards:

  • Understanding your story so they have a full picture of where you’re at and where you want to be.
  • Personalized treatment plans to make sure you’re setting realistic goals and taking the right path to achieve them.
  • A fun, supportive atmosphere that keeps you engaged with your physical therapy process and ready to take on the world.

To learn more about Advanced Physical Therapy, see their website, or call 620-241-4201 to schedule a consultation. Check out photos from their June 6th Chamber Connection.