Member Spotlight – Allmetal Recycling

Member Spotlight – Allmetal Recycling

When Clint Cornejo’s father and uncle started Allmetal Recycling in 2009, they had six employees and handled about 500 tons of scrap metal a month. Today with Cornejo and his cousin Kolby at the helm, they employ 230 people and move about 18,000 tons of steel per month across its ten locations throughout Kansas.

Allmetal hosted the October 26th Chamber Connection in its remarkably clean and pleasant recycling facility at 1060 Woodside. The McPherson location is one of the company’s feeder yards, meaning that scrap metal collected here is sent to the Wichita location, where larger equipment is used to process it. One of these pieces of equipment is a shredder that can shred a car into small pieces in 15 seconds!

Clint said Allmetal Recycling wants to make the recycling process easier and more transparent for their customers. “Our goal was to change the image of the industry,” he said. “The scrap business had a bit of a black eye when we started, and we recognized that. We changed it by cleaning things up… trying to change the way the yard looks. Then from a commercial standpoint, we added scales with cameras on them and a computer software that can generate a ticket. You can call me and say, ‘Hey, what did we bring in last week? What was our volume over the course of the last year?’ We can give you that report. It’s just at our fingertips and can email it to the controllers of your companies.

Allmetal Recycling collects all kinds of items for scrap metal. They buy appliances, vehicles, farm equipment, lawn mowers, aluminum, copper, and brass from individuals and small businesses, but the majority of their work is with industrial clients. They buy, process, sell, and broker ferrous and non-ferrous recycled materials. At Allmetal Recycling, one plan doesn’t fit all. Their account managers create service plans specifically tailored for each of their customers.

Learn more about Allmetal Recycling by visiting their website or Facebook page, and be sure to check out photos from their October 26th Chamber Connection.