Member Spotlight- Angel Arms Residential

Member Spotlight- Angel Arms Residential

Tucked into a quiet tree-lined residential neighborhood, Angel Arms Residential is more than an assisted living facility. It offers its residents a unique combination of support and freedom.

At Chamber Connections June 22nd, attendees toured the expansive yet comfortable home and heard how passionate Deja House and Lacey and Keith Jones are about the care and surroundings Angel Arms provides.

Their chief goal is to make Angel Arms a true home — one that offers warmth, respect, acceptance and peace. From what we observed, they’ve accomplished just that.

Deja, the facility operator of two years, emphasized their focus on universal workers — meaning every employee, even the housekeepers are CNAs. That way every employee can provide personal care and is part of every resident’s care. They are trained in palliative care so they don’t have to bring in hospice if the patient or family doesn’t choose to. They can provide more care than might be found in a traditional assisted living facility, but without the lifestyle restrictions imposed by nursing homes.

Lacey Jones and her husband Keith moved to McPherson from Topeka about a year and a half ago to join her family’s legacy of home health and assisted living care. Lacey’s mother, Dawnelle Adcock, started Angel Arms Home Health in 1994. In 1998 Dawnelle’s father, Merlin Frantz, connected a triplex and two duplexes he had earlier built so Dawnelle could start Angel Arms Residential at 1318 Oaklane Street. Lacey is now assistant administrator, learning the business for the day her mother chooses to retire; and Keith wears many hats, including facilities maintenance. It is important to Lacey that the public know that Angel Arms Home Health and its facilities are all locally owned, not part of a corporate conglomerate that doesn’t understand the heart of the community.

In addition to Angel Arms Residential, which has 14 bedrooms, they also own Loving Care McPherson, a 7-bedroom facility, and Heartland Haven, an 8-bedroom facility outside Inman.

The transition from living in one’s own home and receiving Angel Arms Home Health services to moving into one of its facilities can be a more seamless one, said Deja, because those same kind nurses continue to treat you in both places. Angel Arms Home Health nursing services are available on-call to residents 24/7.

Learn more about Angel Arms Home Health by visiting their Facebook page or calling 620-241-1074. Call Angel Arms Residential at 620-245-0848, Loving Care McPherson at 620-718-5047, and Heartland Haven at 620-585-6908. And don’t forget to check out the photos taken at Chamber Connections hosted by Angel Arms Residential.

Keith and Lacey Jones and Deja House gave tours and shared information about Angel Arms Residential.