Member Spotlight – Cox

Member Spotlight – Cox

You deserve less – less hassle, less headache, less regret and your business deserves more! If you’ve been pushed past your limits with the services you get – or don’t get – from your communications company, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate. Cox has a variety of services and offers all the features you need, without the stress and hassle you don’t.

Cox is a family-owned company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Brian Krizek is the local Cox Business Rep. Brian has been with Cox for 30 years, 12 ½ of those in McPherson! He’s the friendly face in the area covering McPherson, Hutchinson, Salina and Great Bend. Brian talked about several different business phone services offered through Cox. From regular dial tone bandwidth phone service, to IP phones which are a hosted phone service. We learned a little bit about IP phones and some of the features and convenience they provide a business. Things such as business continuity, where there’s a plan in place to reroute calls if something were to happen to the business location due to fire, tornado, hurricane, etc. Unified communications is another option, where your cell phone can be an extension of your desk phone. If you have that one important call you’re waiting to come in that day and hesitate to leave the office “just in case”, worry no longer! The call will ring both your desk phone and your cell phone, no more missed calls! With an app downloaded to your smart phone, you can also make outgoing calls that will show up from your business number, not your personal cell phone number. Cox can also get you set up with Auto attendant, which will free up staff for other things. Incoming callers can “push 1 for …” whatever is specific to your business. So, the staff person who is normally at the desk answering and directing phone calls, can be using their time to complete other tasks and the caller will select who they need to talk to directly. Another advantage of the hosted IP phone system, there is no separate phone bill, it’s included in the regular network billing.

Cox isn’t only for communications services, they also offer a variety of cable packages for businesses. If you’re needing a cable package for your break room or waiting room, you can choose a package with no sports channels for a significantly lower cost. Cox also has dedicated fiber services, which a lot of manufacturing companies in McPherson take advantage of. This is a direct connection, not shared, so the speed remains constant even when others with a regular connection may experience a difference in speed during prime time hours.

There are just as many services offered for residential customers! Cox is in constant negotiations with cable content providers to keep your cable bill as low as possible. Just a quick FYI, Cox bases their cable prices, which are reflected on your personal bill, on deals that content providers (ESPN, Showtime, HBO, etc.) work out with Cox. Cox also offers residential panoramic wifi – these are access points set up around the house to make sure there are no low-signal spots in the residence.

One last thing to be watching for from Cox is security systems. Home security by Cox has been rolled out in Wichita, and they are just starting on business security there also. It will be coming our direction. A little extra security, all from the same great provider!

Cox is a major nationwide business, but is also very proud of their local involvement and community support. They are grateful to be able to sponsor things such as the All Schools Day Parade, McPherson Opera House and the McPherson Community Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners. One more way that Cox tries to help out where needed is the Cox Connect To Compete program. They offer internet service to low income families with children in school for $9.99/month. They want everyone to be able to afford access to the internet and help children succeed in school, and in life! You can connect with Cox by calling 866-684-1025 or visit