Member Spotlight – Donna’s Pool and Patio

Member Spotlight – Donna’s Pool and Patio

Business has boomed since Brandon Barnhart bought Donna’s Pool and Patio in 2016, attendees at the February 1st Chamber Connection learned. Last year the company cleaned over 50 pools a week and has averaged 25-28 pool constructions per year. They also do pool remodels.

“That’s been kind of nice, to take an older pool and bring it back to life, give it some flair, and make the homeowner happy.” Barnhart said.

“When you see something start from dirt, and you walk away, and you’re the last one on the job, and you see the smiles, there’s a huge, huge joy I get out of that,” said Barnhart, who comes from a construction and electrical background. “The end result, when you walk away, is always really fulfilling.”

Like many businesses these days, Barnhart said that a labor shortage is one of the biggest hurdles he faces.

“You just treat the employees you have like gold and hope they stay,” he said.

In addition to pools and hot tubs, Donna’s Pool and Patio sells composite wood patio furniture, fire pits, and even barbeque seasonings – basically things to help you have fun in your back yard.

“That’s what this industry is about – just having fun,” he said.

If you’re ready to have more fun in your back yard, stop by Donna’s Pool and Patio at 416 W. Kansas or visit their website or Facebook page. Be sure to also check out photos from the February 1st Chamber Connection.