Member Spotlight – Donna’s Pool & Patio

Member Spotlight – Donna’s Pool & Patio

Brandon Barnhart is an electrician by trade and worked for his father’s electrical business.  At times, they would do electrical work with ceramic pools which interested Brandon.  He told his Dad if he ever owned a pool business, this is what he would do.  One evening Barnhart was out to dinner with his family and a couple, whom he didn’t know, stopped at the table to say hello to his parents.  The couple shared their plans about retiring to Florida.  And according to Barnhart, “The one hiccup was that they couldn’t sell their business and instantly my ears perked up.”

That couple was Dave and Donna Viola.  Their business – Donna’s Pool Care.  Right place – right time.   Barnhart knew immediately this was exactly what he had been dreaming of.  He purchased the business in 2016 and the rest is history!

Donna’s Pool & Patio grew at a rapid rate.  In 2018, Barnhart was able to add more help and kept moving forward.  At the end of 2018, the company had grown 400% from where it was in 2016.   In 2018, they installed 12 to 14 pools.  Whereas the original business serviced pools, Donna’s Pool & Patio also installs pools, carries hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, and living areas.

When Barnhart contemplated opening a store he knew he didn’t want it to be a pool supply store with product lined up on the shelves.  Barnhart said, “I had a vision… What I envisioned for this was a pool and patio store … somewhere you could actually feel like it’s your backyard.”  When he made the decision to open the store at 110 East Euclid, his vision became a reality.  Donna’s Pool & Patio showcases examples of pergolas, an outdoor kitchen and grill area, and a corner of the store outfitted with inviting outdoor furniture.

Donna’s Pool & Patio looks forward to serving McPherson not only from a service aspect, but also with pool products and outdoor living options to enhance your backyard living experience. Barnhart is anxious to work with the other community businesses to maintain the strong downtown McPherson has.

Imagine, you could have an oasis in your own backyard.  Start dreaming with Donna’s Pool & Patio and you can make that dream a reality.  Visit Donna’s Pool & Patio website or check out their Facebook page to see all the options available to you to make that backyard oasis. Photos from Donna’s Pool & Patio Chamber Ribbon Cutting can be seen here.