Member Spotlight- Fly Away Farm USA

Member Spotlight- Fly Away Farm USA

A warm cozy hoop house, organically rich soil bursting with tender green sprouts, and plenty of T.L.C. from Sue and Chad Johnson means delicious nutrient rich produce is getting closer to your table every day! I know it’s awfully hard to wait for fresh local produce, but you can at least begin anticipating it and sign up for early greens available starting April 24th , or 14-week CSA produce shares starting mid-May. (FYI, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.) Fly Away Farm USA is located at 1911 Frontier Rd where share holders can pick up their weekly harvest, or those who don’t have a CSA share can still enjoy fresh produce during open market on Tuesdays from 3-6 pm and Saturdays from 1-3 pm.

Sue Johnson shared her interesting path of occupations and unique experiences that ultimately shaped her desire to help people by providing nutrient rich produce. From florist/garden center to medical consulting that took her all over the world, Sue has cultivated a passion for helping people and has developed a new niche to utilize her talents and fill her heart. Sue and Chad’s moto “Sowing with Faith, Growing with Hope, Sharing with Love!” is evident in everything they do. They welcomed the Chamber Connection crowd into their home, treated us to farm fresh delights and enlightened us with their story.

Chad, whose full-time job is a corporate pilot for Cessna, is also the “Microbiology MacGyver” for Fly Away Farm USA according to Sue. Chad incorporates the organic matter, fertilizes the gardens with his special compost tea formula, and is responsible for keeping the microorganisms and nutrients within the perfect growing levels. Apparently, he is also the guru of invention, using a washing machine to create a big “salad spinner!”

Vegetables are healthy for you, right? Absolutely, and by purchasing them from Fly Away Farm USA you are also getting vegetables that are even more nutrient dense and bursting with flavor! And no worries about pesticides or herbicides, Fly Away Farm USA does not use them, instead they utilize nature methods like row covers and manual elimination.

Like Fly Away Farm USA on Facebook to follow their growing season, contact them at 620-755-4280 or to sign up for your CSA Share, Early Greens Share or pasture raised broilers. One visit to Fly Away Farm USA and you will not only be smitten with the produce, but the enthusiasm Sue and Chad have for sharing their blessings is guaranteed to brighten your day!