Member Spotlight – GraceMed Health Clinic

Member Spotlight – GraceMed Health Clinic

Six years ago, a conversation for a request for proposal began with Steps MC, an organization that helps individuals out of poverty. A lot of their clients were communicating how hard it was to find accessible and affordable health care In McPherson. In the end, it was decided that GraceMed was the solution.

GraceMed opened its doors about three years ago. In the past year GraceMed has served almost 2,000 people in the McPherson county and surrounding areas. GraceMed is here for people who do not have insurance or the means to pay for their medical and dental services, but they are also here for people without a medical or dental provider. There has been a lot of confusion around town, but they do accept insurance.

Donations and funding received from United Way and McPherson Community Foundation go into their voucher program. If someone is unable to pay for dental or medical care, they can apply to the voucher program to have their services paid for. One of GraceMed’s voucher program fundraisers, Heartcakes for Hopecare, will be Thursday, February 13th at the McPherson Museum. It is a night of delicious food, music, raffles and a silent auction. At the last event there were 100 attendees and they raised over $10,000. This year they are hoping to have 150 attend, with the goal to raise $15,000. For more information about the event or to get your tickets Click Here.

“We are very blessed to be part of the McPherson community and have some great partnerships through United Way and the McPherson Community Foundation,” said Nancy Duling, Director of Development. “Please share the word that we are here to help and we have more capacity than the 2,000 people we served this last year.”

Check out these photos on Facebook from Chamber Connections hosted by GraceMed McPherson.

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