Member Spotlight – Growing Good Consulting

Member Spotlight – Growing Good Consulting

Celeste Carlson is the founder of Growing Good, a consulting company that works with nonprofits nationwide to increase their capacity.

Celeste is seasoned in grant management and enjoys teaching grant seekers how to find donor prospects who want to fund their mission. Throughout her career, she has helped nonprofits leverage millions of dollars in grant funding.

Over the past 20 years Celeste has supported purpose-driven organizations in diverse ways. During her decade as a program officer for a community foundation, she served as a liaison between the community, donors and organizations. As a result, she brings a unique perspective to nonprofit education and consulting services. Services that are provided include: Board Development & Training, Grant Research, Grant Writing, and Program Development.

Celeste shared with everyone at the ribbon cutting a few sentences from the book, Toxic Charity (Robert Lupton). “…we have been evaluating our charity by the rewards we receive through service, rather than the benefits received by the served.” Celeste is starting up a book study to help navigate non-profits and businesses to engage in charity work more successfully. You can get more information from Celeste and sign-up by contacting her through her website.

You can learn more about Growing Good Consulting and how Celeste can help you by going to the website. Check out these photos from the Ribbon Cutting and Chamber Connection.