Member Spotlight- Home Communications, Inc. (HCI)

Member Spotlight- Home Communications, Inc. (HCI)

From its’ humble beginning in 1933, HCI has grown into a 5th generation family business, that is a technology leader for rural communications. You can tell that the owners and employees at Home Communications, Inc. are very proud of their family owned, family-friendly business, which began with their great grandparents. Tina Anderson, Regulatory Affairs Manager, shared a little family history about how the business has been passed down, and currently 6 of the 7 great grandchildren have been employed in the business at some time. They even have a 3rd generation, non-family employee… well, he is considered part of the family now! HCI is a locally owned company that offers phone, internet, tv, security and surveillance services.

One of the most popular services, that is expanding everywhere and HCI currently covers from Salina to Wichita, is their Security and Surveillance. HCI offers everything from the simple camera for your do-it-yourself home surveillance, to a home security system, to a 30+ camera system with all the bells and whistles for large corporation surveillance and security systems. They also have a personal home health system. The home health system features 2 way voice, where when activated, someone will come on and ask the wearer if they are in need of assistance, and have their specific call list available for help.

What are some of the features these surveillance and security systems offer you ask? The surveillance equipment can be set up as a self-monitored video where you can sit right in front of the screen and see what’s happening outside, or you can watch from the internet so you can log in and see what’s going on when you’re offsite. You can have notifications set up to notify you when there’s movement – via your smart phone or email. You can set the system to record motion clips and it will be stored on your hard drive. The surveillance cameras feature crystal clear zoom, so you can distinguish details in case there is an incident.

How about the security systems? You can also have them set up to be controlled and monitored by your phone. It will keep track of who is arming and disarming the system and when. If you have someone scheduled to do home maintenance during the hours you’re away at work, you can distinguish who they are by the surveillance camera, disarm the alarm system to allow them in to complete their work, and set the alarm system to a specific time period in which they will need to be out of the house & the alarm will be reactivated. If there is an intruder the alarm system is programmed to call 911 immediately.

Home Communications, Inc. is a well-known and trusted, locally, family owned company who puts customer service first! They are located right here in the community and strive to be available to their customers right when they are needed. They are so well trusted in fact, that they provide the camera and security system service to the local law enforcement center and jail. Whether large or small, residential or commercial, if it’s phone, internet, tv, security or surveillance service you need, HCI is happy to help! Visit their website or Facebook page for more information, call 620-654-3381, or better yet, stop by HCI at 211 S. Main in Galva. They’ll make you feel like part of the family!