Member Spotlight – Integrated Health & Wellness Center

Member Spotlight – Integrated Health & Wellness Center

Integrated Health and Wellness Center is located at 1319 E. First St. in the Sunbird Estates Professional Park. Dr. Brandon Trost and Dr. Patrick Romm are equipped to provide quality, individualized healthcare to patients seeking relief from various nerve, muscular and skeletal conditions. In addition to chiropractic care, they offer sports physicals, Kinesio taping, FAKTR, and TDN to help increase the range of motion in a joint that has been previously injured.

Dr. Brandon Trost has been providing chiropractic care since 1998. Dr. Trost provides individual care for each patient starting with a detailed orthopedic and neurological exam. Based on the exam, recommendations will be given as to the direction of care, either a treatment plan for the condition or further diagnostic testing. Rehabilitation and functional exercises will be prescribed based on each condition.

Dr. Patrick Romm is a 2017 graduate from Cleveland Chiropractic College. Shortly after graduation he joined the team at Integrated Health and Wellness. Dr. Romm provides care to patients of all ages and appreciates the benefits chiropractic can provide throughout a lifetime. He has treated many musculoskeletal conditions in the spine and extremities ranging from back pain, neck pain, disc injuries and headaches to sciatica, carpel tunnel, and many other disorders. Dr. Romm has a passion for helping patients reduce pain and return to the lifestyle they enjoy.

“One of the things that Dr. Romm and I pride ourselves on is our physical, ortho and neural function evaluations,” said Dr. Brandon Trost. “We spend a lot of time on a patient’s history and what they have gone through in the past. The body has an amazing ability to compensate and as chiropractors, Dr. Romm and I make the invisible, visible. Recently Dr. Romm had two patients with complaints that their mid-back or rib was out. After running a diagnosis, Dr. Romm discovered that they had early stages of shingles. They were both referred to their primary physician and put on an anti-viral medication immediately to help with the symptoms.”

Dr. Trost went on to mention, “another instance was a veteran in his 70’s that had a history of vascular issues that came into the office with neck and back pain. After discussing with the patent and his wife he was immediately urged to go straight to the VA after leaving the office. They ended up operating on his leg that day to clear a stint that was 97% blocked.”

“We think it is very important to give back to the community of McPherson,” said Dr. Brandon Romm. “Over the holidays the local food bank gets depleted, so in March we like to do a food drive to help replenish the reserves. May 13th and 14th will be our next sport physical nights. We normally see about 50-60 students, and all the proceeds from the event go to the Booster Club. We are blessed to receive a lot of help from other medical providers with this event as well. We appreciate and believe in supporting our first responders, so one day out of the year we will go to the police and fire department and provide free service to let them know that they are appreciated. In the winter we do Coats for Care and donate coats to the McPherson High School along with a clothing drive for the Bullpup Closet. Around Veteran’s Day we will shut down the office for a few hours and just work on veterans to give back to them.”

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