Member Spotlight – L&L Advisors

Member Spotlight – L&L Advisors

L&L Advisors is an independent insurance agency and retirement income firm located in Salina and McPherson, Kansas. Some of their services and products consist of annuities, cancer plans, dental plans, life insurance, Medicare supplements, prescription plans and retirement income planning.

“My dad, Lyle Huncovsky, had worked in insurance previously, once I graduated college, we started L&L Advisors,” said Levi Huncovsky, L&L Advisors President. “I do most of the financial planning side and it naturally correlates with the Medicare because they go hand-in-hand. We have seven agents in Salina and combined have a total of 100 years of experience. We have had our Salina office right at about 15 years located in the Central Mall at 2259 S 9th St. and our other Salina location at 717 Roach St.”

“We have wanted a business in McPherson for the last 2-3 years but just couldn’t find a fit, as far as an agent, that fit in our group,” said Levi. “We are very picky about bringing on new agents to our team, so we were very excited when Jana McKinney reached out to join our team, along with finding a space in downtown McPherson at 224 S. Main St.”

Jana McKinney was the agent for the McPherson Extension office for 34 years. “As I did Medicare counseling, I would recommend clients to L&L Advisors because they were a great group of people, I knew they were honest and they are willing to make sure they have the best products for their clients,” said Jana McKinney, L&L Advisors McPherson Agent. “As retirement approached, I reached out to L&L Advisors about joining their team and they were very excited about opening an office in McPherson.”

“A plan is a plan, is a plan! You can pay more for it, but I don’t know why you would.” – Jana McKenny

Jana went on to mention, “We want to make sure we have a good product that matches people’s needs and help people fully understand what they are getting, whether it’s Medicare, Medicare supplements, dental or cancer polices that pay a lump sum.”

“One reason we wanted a McPherson downtown location was because your downtown must be one of the most inviting downtowns I’ve ever been to, and I travel quite a bit,” said Levi. “It is impressive the businesses you go into and never get a bad rapport. You truly feel welcomed and not like you are hindering them, which is why I believe your downtown is so successful.”

To learn more about L&L Advisors check out their website at Also check out these photos on Facebook from the Chamber Connections and Ribbon Cutting hosted by L&L Advisors.