Member Spotlight – Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance

Member Spotlight – Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance

It was really a business decision that involved simple math: Mattress Haven + Appliance Depot = Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance. Mattress Haven has been in McPherson for a little over a decade and Appliance Depot opened its doors about 2½ years ago. After many long conversations and discussions, and determining what products would best fit in a joint scenario – Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance came to be. Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance prides themselves on providing quality products at affordable prices and the education they provide their clients during the purchasing process of a mattress or appliance.

When it comes to mattresses, Michael Yates – co-owner of Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance admits to being a “tech nerd.” Yates spends a lot of time researching different types of mattresses so as to better understand the industry, not only from the perspective of the salesperson – but also from the perspective of an educator. He said it’s not unusual to spend 30 minutes with a client explaining things like “surface tension as it pertains to weight distribution” or the “significance of foam density” when determining whether a product is a high or low-end memory foam product.

So … how can you tell if a mattress is high quality and will last? Yates put on his “education hat” and gave a quick tutorial! When buying a coil mattress, the most important thing is to examine the edges of the bed. If it feels like only a panel of fabric with nothing behind it, you can expect to get only a couple of years out of the mattress if it’s used every night. If you feel a “ridged-ness,” that means it has a foam encased edge which translates to at least a 7- 8 year lifespan for the mattress. So – check the mattress edges before you buy! Another nugget of knowledge Yates shared was regarding memory foam mattresses. The higher the density of the foam – the firmer the bed will be and the longer its lifespan. The highest quality is a six-pound density memory foam mattress. You will pay more, but its lifespan is 30-35 years. The standard of foam density you will find at Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance is five to six pounds. This more affordable option has a 15-20 year lifespan. Remember – the density of the foam will tell the story of the quality and lifespan of the mattress.

It’s this additional layer of customer service, attention to detail, and education on products that Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance strives for with each client. Maintaining a high level of customer service and helping clients make sound, educated choices when making a purchase is very important to Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance. Honest transparent pricing and service after the sale – that’s what they’re all about.

Co-owner Matt Miller handles the appliance side of the business. Miller said by consolidating the two businesses, they’ve been able to expand the variety of appliances in their showroom. With anything from entry level to high-end appliances, Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance has it covered. They have a Tech Department available for servicing and they will also haul off the old appliances. Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance is a GE Appliance and Hotpoint retailer and has a wide range of appliances for customers to choose from.

Assisting the client in making an educated purchasing decision. Transparent pricing. Maintaining a high level of customer service after the sale. These are the things that are important to Michael Yates and Matt Miller at Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, stove or washer, give Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance a call at 620-245-0700. You can be assured that your educated purchasing decision will be the right one for you. Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance is located at 310 N. Main. Their hours are 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday. Visit their website or Facebook page to learn more about all the products they carry. You can see Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting photos from the Chamber Connections hosted by Mattress Haven Furniture & Appliance here.