Member Spotlight – McPherson Buzz

Member Spotlight – McPherson Buzz

The McPherson Buzz is a free, by the minute publication. “You shouldn’t have to pay to know what is going on in your town,” said Teri Hanson, editor of the McPherson Buzz. “There’re no deadlines, it’s by the minute news. The minute we hear about it, it goes on the site. We’ve even posted at 2 o’clock in the morning,” Said Teri.

When asked, how did this get started? Jennifer Flood, founder of the McPherson Buzz, responded “I grew up in McPherson. I remember my parents reading the paper and listening to the radio in the morning and being really connected to town, I missed that a lot. Where is one place everyone in town can go every day to get verified information that matters?” So, she created just that.

McPherson Buzz charges by the week to advertise and it’s even cheaper for non-profits to advertise,” Said Jennifer. She went on to say, “our small towns are dying because we are not keeping our money, products, and employees here. Yes, you may be able to advertise on Facebook but it’s better to advertise locally for the community.”

“Job opportunities are up and going very well. If you have any jobs available in your business that you would like to advertise then call or email and we will get those posted,” said Teri. “Also, currently working on a real estate tab that should be up very soon. One thing that we would really like to get off the ground is weddings, anniversaries, and birth announcements. We do have a page for that,” Said Teri.

The McPherson Buzz also has some fun puzzles like the crossword, Sudoku and even a daily horoscope, as well as an extensive sport section. “I enjoy covering McPherson sports. All of the kids are a lot of fun and they really enjoy my presence,” said Peter Holland Jr. the McPherson Buzz sports editor. “I love telling their stories and getting to know the community more. I’m currently looking for more advertising for the sports page. I will continue to go everywhere the Bull pups go and provide full coverage,” said Peter. “Peter does a great job at combining traditional writing with videos of interviews and putting those into the stories which is a lot more than you can get with a traditional newspaper,” Said Jennifer.

“If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see, please let us know,” Said Jennifer. Send any information or content to Check out these photos from Chamber Connections hosted by McPherson Buzz.