Member Spotlight – McPherson Hospital

Member Spotlight – McPherson Hospital

McPherson Hospital’s addition of the Medical Office Building has been a long journey of love and dedication reflected by a supportive community. This newly constructed medical building was completely a philanthropic effort. Local individuals, local businesses, the Mingenback Foundation, and the Mabee Foundation financed the building project. As Amy Bower, Executive Director of McPherson Healthcare Foundation puts it, “It only shows what a fantastic community we live in.” Bower says that they continue to see support from the community, and this support is so representative of the community that McPherson is.

The McPherson Hospital Medical Office Building will house family medicine physicians, the OB/GYN doctor, surgeons, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. All hospital providers will be in one convenient space. The clinic has suites of exam rooms, areas for weigh ins, a lab, an x-ray room, procedure rooms, and the physicians’ offices.  The new building will make it much easier for the patient to navigate the lab and doctor appointments.

Terri Gehring, McPherson Hospital President and CEO, reflected on the many, many long years of planning, fundraising, decisions, and hard work that brought them to this point … opening day. The Medical Office Building will open its doors to patients beginning Monday, January 14th.

Now that space has been freed up, plans are underway to expand services, and to make patient services even more convenient. In the next 6-9 months minor renovations to the Family Practice Associate Building will occur. Upon completion of the renovations, the Rehab Services (Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy) will move into the west side of that building. After the Rehab Services move, then the Cancer Center of Kansas will move into the west side as well.  Also, during the next few months McPherson Hospital is working on bringing billing back in-house. Due to freed up space in the hospital, additional staff will be able to be added, allowing for in-house billing to occur.

McPherson Hospital is very excited about all the changes that are happening on their campus. Not only is it great for patients, but also for the community of McPherson.  A vision, combined with commitment and dedication by a community, that became a reality.  A great example reflecting what a fantastic community we live in! Check out the McPherson Hospital’s website to keep tabs on what’s happening at the hospital as they transition into the new building.