Member Spotlight – MTC

Member Spotlight – MTC

Mutual Telecommunication (MTC) has quite the history which dates back to 1905. It was in January of 1905 that 150 patrons gathered together at the Little River City Hall with the goal of organizing an independent phone company – which would become known as the Mutual Telephone Company. Who knew from that City Hall gathering that over a century later Mutual Telephone would grow and develop into the state-of-the-art telecommunication provider – Mutual Telecommunication. MTC has offices in five communities – Little River, Lyons, Sterling, Marquette, and in 2012 opened an office in McPherson at 209 N. Main.

Different high-speed internet technologies are available through MTC depending on where you live, and you can depend on their 24/7 local technical support which is just a quick phone call away. MTC began installing fiber optics in McPherson in late 2014 working to get the McPherson business community served. “There’s different ways of delivering internet service, voice service, and TV service…  The latest and greatest is fiber optics because you just have a lot less problems, you can provide a lot faster speeds, and it’s not subject to weather,” said President and General Manager John Tietjens. MTC has 150+ businesses on the network and are evaluating routes for moving the service into the residential area, hopefully with an announcement regarding that sometime in 2020.

Having confidence in your security system is everything, and with MTC you can have that peace of mind. MTC operates with a dedicated cellular connection. That means that even if the phone line is out or the internet is down, your property will remain secure. MTC has 24/7 professional monitoring. You can set your own alerts and reminders to notify you of activity whether your system is armed or not. To ensure security at your business MTC uses a single, mobile-friendly interface, and with a few simple clicks you can secure your system, view live-streaming video, or regulate energy use. Shayla Grasser, Sales & Marketing Manager at MTC said they also do residential security. “You don’t have to have the fiber services to get that service. There are several options… The company we work with for securities is always adding new features – from cameras to access controls.”

Another service offered by MTC is Wellness Solutions. This allows for independent living for a loved one and gives the family peace of mind for their safety, security, and comfort. Activity patterns are established for your family member. The Wellness intelligent sensors learn and track their home activities. Wellness can detect inconsistencies in the usual schedule or activity pattern. If there are deviations in the usual activity pattern, the family will be sent an alert that there may be a problem. MTC also has available the medical alert pendant, a device a person can wear inside their home and press in case of a fall or an emergency.

Phone, internet, digital TV, security for your home or business, and the Wellness Solution. Mutual Telecommunication has come a long way from the 1905 town meeting to bring about an independent telephone company! For more information about MTC visit their website and discover for yourself all the services they provide and how they can help you! Photos from Chamber Connections can be seen here.