Member Spotlight- My Fearless Finance

Member Spotlight- My Fearless Finance

My Fearless Finance … It all started for Kristin Long when Mt. Hope Sanctuary, where she works as Director of Operations, went through a program restructuring. Kristin found herself in the unique role of financial mentor for the women of the program. In the midst of this process, Kristin discovered that she had a real gift for not only teaching others how to manage their money, but specifically teaching them how to get underneath the financial situation they found themselves in. To get to the root cause of their financial struggle. Being able to define the root cause and address it had a positive affect on their situations. As Kristin witnessed these positive transformations, she knew she wanted to share this knowledge and skill set with more folks in the community of McPherson.

As she began to research and visit with others in the community as to what it would take to implement this type of service in McPherson, the responses she heard repeatedly was, “We need this here!” Through the Dave Ramsey Solutions organization, Kristin was able to participate in the Financial Coach Master Training course and is now a financial coach.

Through My Fearless Finance, Kristin has developed several classes that can help bring financial literacy to others in a very affordable way. When people are caught in financial troubles, whether their fear-based behaviors have produced these troubles or the troubles produced the behavior, there is difficulty determining what direction to go. My Fearless Finance is that breath of fresh air, to guide folks on the path they need to be on to achieve financial stability.

Kristin is a big fan of the monthly budget, which she equates to “google maps” for your money. It will take you from where you are, to where you want to be. She refers to “the budget” as a spending plan, because it puts you in control of your money – deciding where you want to spend your money rather than wondering where it went.

My Fearless Finance has several classes coming up that will help people overcome their fear when it comes to handling money, addressing the root issues and getting plans in place to get them where they want to be financially. Kristin loves working with families and teaching parents how to educate their children on managing money wisely. My Fearless Finance also works with teenagers and young adults who might have just landed their first job and need guidance through the financial labyrinth.

To find out when My Fearless Finance will be holding its next class or to get more information about how My Fearless Finance might be able to help you, contact Kristin at 620-322-9555. And be sure to check out My Fearless Finance’s Facebook page for updates and Kristin’s thought-provoking financial counseling video clips.

They say around here – “There’s no fear in McPherson.” With My Fearless Finance around, that will likely be true for many people for many years.