Member Spotlight – Noffy’s Sandwich Shop & Pub

Member Spotlight – Noffy’s Sandwich Shop & Pub

Community members gathered shoulder-to-shoulder March 28th to celebrate Noffy’s Sandwich Shop & Pub’s new location with a Chamber Ribbon Cutting. It marked the long-anticipated move down the block to a slightly larger venue at 122 N. Main and unveiled the beautifully renovated space for the first time to many in attendance.

David “Noffy” Noffsinger and his wife, Lisa, opened Noffy’s in its original location at 210 N. Main May 11, 2017. They both had backgrounds in the restaurant industry and decided to create a pub that was an “amalgamation of everything we loved about different restaurants,” Noffsinger told the crowd. “We pulled things from different places, different experiences, foods we loved, environments we loved, and the community we wanted to create.”

Lisa Noffsinger is from South Jersey, east of Philadelphia. That’s where the East Coast hoagie sandwiches Noffy’s serves originate. In fact, the bread they use is actually shipped from Philadelphia. Their goal is to serve true Italian hoagies. The menu also includes charcuterie boards, which Noffsinger says he likes to serve because they stimulate conversation.

The pub’s focus is to offer seasonal and classic cocktails as well as standard bar cocktails from a hundred years ago. So if you want an authentic old fashioned, you know where to go!

Noffsinger thanked his staff, especially those who have been with him since opening nearly seven years ago. A big focus at Noffy’s is customer service.

“People are so important to what we do, and we realized that from the beginning, so we take care of our pub staff, and we take care of the community,” said Noffsinger.

That dedication to their staff, friends, and community came back to them in the form of support when renovating and moving to the new location.

“There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears in this building,” Noffsinger said. “It was a bit of a battle, but we’re here, and we have really felt the support of the community. We’ve been through a lot the last few years. All of us have. We made it through the pandemic; we made it through red tape; and we made it through opening a small business in a small town, which is a hard thing to do.”

If the wall-to-wall crowd at the Chamber Ribbon Cutting is any indication, Noffy’s Sandwich Shop & Pub has earned a place in the heart of the McPherson community, and we hope to celebrate many milestones in the years to come.

Noffy’s is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday and closed Monday and Tuesday. The menu is available on their website and Facebook page, where you’ll also find posts about delicious food and cocktail specials. Be sure to also check out photos from the March 28th Chamber Ribbon Cutting.