Member Spotlight – Pizza Hut

Member Spotlight – Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a great Kansas success story. It all started back in 1958 when two brothers in Wichita borrowed $600 from their mom so they could open up a pizza place. The brothers decided to call their new place Pizza Hut – because there was only room on the sign for eight letters! The pizza was great, as was the service, and the folks who dined at Pizza Hut were treated like family.

Fast forward to 2019. Same great food, same great service, and the McPherson Pizza Hut is celebrating 47 years! Marsha Bergmeier, manager of the restaurant located at 2215 E. Kansas Ave., has been with Pizza Hut for 34 years, coming to the McPherson Pizza Hut in 1994.

But Pizza Hut is more than pizza! You can enjoy pasta with grilled chicken in creamy alfredo sauce or the classic Tuscani Marinara. How about a P’Zone with meats, veggies, and cheese folded inside a pizza crust “calzone style.” Wings, with your choice of dipping sauce, is always a great choice. And their desserts (that is if you’ve managed to leave room for dessert!) … Triple Chocolate Brownies, a Chocolate Chip Cookie, or amazing Cinnabon Mini Rolls or Cinnamon Sticks! My sweet tooth is talking to me!

Did I mention that Pizza Hut is more than pizza! They are also about supporting a course of action to help children across the nation have a better chance to succeed in life. Their approach is to nurture the love of reading through the implementation of their BOOK IT! Program which began in 1984. Teachers can enroll their classroom in the “paper” version of the program or use the digital class experience, whichever is the best fit. The teacher sets the goals based on their students’ reading abilities. When a student meets his or her reading goal, a Reading Award Certificate is given to that student. The Certificate can be taken to Pizza Hut to be redeemed for a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza. It’s a great way to change the “I have to read” attitudes to “I want to read!” And who wouldn’t want a free pizza? Sign me up!

Trivia questions – #1) Which pizza restaurant was the first to deliver pizza in space at The International Space Station? Pizza Hut! #2) Who’s selling pizza in their parking lot on Mondays from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. through the month of August? Pizza Hut! (At their 700 N. Main location only) #3) Who was the first national chain to offer pizza delivery ordering on the Internet? Pizza Hut! As their tag line says – “No one out Pizzas The Hut!”

Check out the Pizza Hut website or their Facebook page for the current deals and for their complete menu listing. Photos from Chamber Connections hosted by Pizza Hut can be seen here.