Member Spotlight – Prairie Hills Financial Group

Member Spotlight – Prairie Hills Financial Group

After a family tragedy led to a messy estate settlement 28 years ago, Glen Snell started Prairie Hills Financial Group to protect others from going through a similar ordeal.

Glen’s son Dale Snell, now managing partner in the practice, told a crowded room at the January 25th Chamber Connection held at Prairie Hills Financial Group’s McPherson office (223 S. Main St.) that the same mission guides the firm today.

“Our mission is to provide good advice so people can prepare for the future and avoid mistakes and accomplish their goals,” he said.

The practice provides financial advice, retirement planning, investment planning, cash management, education savings, tax and estate planning, and more.

“If it involves money and people, that’s what we do…It’s pretty comprehensive and open-ended,” said Dale.

Prairie Hills Financial Group has grown considerably since Glen started it. They now have offices in four Kansas cities, have about 20 employees, serve client groups across 43 states, and manage about $850 million in client and small business assets.

Despite this growth, the McPherson office remains the headquarters of the practice.

“This is where it all started, and we’re not planning on having anywhere else be our home base other than McPherson, Kansas,” Dale said. “We’re happy to be part of this community. It’s a great place, as you all know, and the people that Dad started this practice to help – friends, family, everyone we know and love – for the most part, they’re here.”

Learn more about Prairie Hills Financial Group and how they can help you plan on their website and follow them on Facebook. Be sure to check out photos from the January 25th Chamber Connection.