Member Spotlight – Precision Hearing Solutions

Member Spotlight – Precision Hearing Solutions

Precision Hearing Solutions is a locally owned provider of hearing health care needs. They have nine locations spread through Kansas and Nebraska, with the McPherson office being the newest location to open. The equipment needed for Precision Hearing Solutions to do a hearing screening is VERY mobile. You can either schedule your appointment to have a hearing screening done in their office, or if you prefer, they can come and do the screening in your home!

Nisha Whaley, Licensed Hearing Specialist at Precision Hearing Solutions, has worked in hearing health for ten years. She said that it has been wonderful to able to have a personal impact on others through her work. Once someone has had the hearing screening and gets the hearing aid they need, Nisha said there’s nothing better than “seeing the light come back into someone’s eyes” when they can once again hear and communicate with family and friends.

RJ Michael is Co-Owner of Precision Hearing Solutions along with Matt Barnett. Between the two they have over 24 years’ experience in the industry. RJ said that flexibility was very important to them. They try to take their services into rural communities that might not have the technology as available. Precision Hearing Solutions is very happy to be able to be a part of the McPherson health care community.

To help encourage community members to take an active role in their hearing health, Precision Hearing Solutions has committed to proving free annual hearing screenings. Do not overlook the health of your ears. Call (620) 718-5001 and schedule your free hearing screening today! Precision Hearing Solutions is located at 926 N. Main.

To learn more about Precision Hearing Solutions, check out their website at See more photos of Precision Hearing Solutions Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting celebration here.