Member Spotlight- Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Member Spotlight- Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

It all started with a Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. office located in Newton. Crystal Toews, a part of that office, found that over the years her work was increasing in activity in McPherson County. So … it was decided she would “test the waters” with an actual office in McPherson! That was in 2020, which we all know was also the “year of COVID” and impacted EVERYONE including this new office just opened in McPherson. Despite the unusual start, Crystal went on to share that “the last two years have been really good. McPherson has been super supportive … We continue to grow.”

The McPherson PRMI location Crystal was able to secure holds a unique memory for her. She said that over twenty years ago she did hair in this very building, as she put it, “for a minute!” Being able to have gotten the opportunity to purchase this particular property to office PRMI was very meaningful for her.

As far as the services PRMI provides, Crystal said, “What we do in short is we do home loans. So, that’s kind of the short answer. But the real answer is we help people get a clear path to their loan approval. So most people that apply aren’t ready the day they apply. Mortgages aren’t real easy always to qualify for, especially when it’s your first time and your first house. So, we take a lot of pride and time in working with our first-time home buyers and veterans. … So, really just walking people through the path of it.”

As far as the home loan products they offer the list includes USDA – by the way McPherson is eligible for 0% down community-wide so that is a huge plus; also VA loans; renovation loans; and FHA loans – which a lot of first-time home buyers end up utilizing because it’s more flexible with their credit qualifying.

Misti Unruh, who is the Processor/Closer, is in the McPherson office Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. which allows Crystal to go back and forth between the Newton and McPherson offices. About Misti, Crystal says, “She’s the one who makes the wheels on the bus go round. She keeps everybody closing their loans on time and communications going. So she definitely is like the key component to making things run smooth.”

As far as the high-interest rates go, Crystal said she felt that people who are truly motivated to purchase a new home will do so and the rates won’t stop them. She also added she has shared with clients for the last year that “This is not your forever loan … If you’re comfortable with this payment, then you’re in great shape. Because a year from now we’re going to refinance that and get you a lower rate and a lower payment, and all the things that come with that.”

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. is located at 121 E. Euclid. Their office hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. You can learn more about all the services PRMI provides on their website or visit Crystal’s PRMI Facebook page. And don’t miss checking out these Chamber Ribbon Cutting photos for Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.