Member Spotlight- Southview Veterinary Hospital

Member Spotlight- Southview Veterinary Hospital

The day of the McPherson Chamber Ribbon Cutting was a very special day for Southview Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Gisell Robertson said, “It’s been kind of a long time coming.” Originally from Florida, Gisell attended Ross School of Veterinary and did her fourth year of college at K-State. She worked for around four years in Hutchinson and about five years in McPherson. And now she is the owner of her own business — Southview Veterinary Hospital! The other veterinarian at Southview is Dr. Boyd Walker. He and Gisell lead the veterinary healthcare team. Regarding the Southview staff, Gisell said, “I have THE MOST wonderful staff anyone could ever ask for… They’re supportive… They are absolutely loving and caring and they love what they do and it shows!”

Southview Veterinary Hospital’s history began when the veterinary hospital was established in 1970 by Neil Walker, DVM who then sold it to his brother, Brad Walker DVM in 1980. It was then purchased by Misti May, DVM in 2002 and in March of this year Gisell Robertson, DVM purchased it. The mission statement of Southview Veterinary Hospital is this: “We strive to compassionately serve our clients by providing top-quality surgery and medicine for the family pet.” Southview mainly cares for small animals, like dogs and cats, but Gisell said they do see the occasional guinea pig or ferret.

In addition to veterinary care, Southview provides pet boarding and has indoor kennels as well as outside runs. Those pets that stay at (what I refer to as the Southview Airbnb!) have twice daily feeding of Science Diet Maintenance pet food, or if you prefer you can bring your own pet’s food. Individual care for each animal that is boarded includes personalized medications and needs, twice-daily cleaning as well as sterilization of cages and runs. When asked if they do grooming, Gisell said, “Nope. Trust me, you don’t want me and your dog and scissors in the same room! And I think that goes for most everybody else here too.”

Preventative Care Programs are available for pets at the veterinary clinic. It’s recommended that pets should really have at least an annual physical to ensure a healthy and happy life. In addition to the pet wellness exams and vaccines, some of the other programs and services available at Southview include therapy laser to help with pain management, parasite control, ear exams including cleaning, acupuncture, bathing, pedicures for canine and feline, microchip pet identification, and dental cleanings. They also have an onsite pharmacy and offer hospice care/euthanasia.

You will find a full-service in-house laboratory at Southview Veterinary Hospital to assist the staff in giving your pet the best care possible. They also have blood analyzing machines, x-ray machines, and an ultrasound machine to assist the staff in diagnosing your furry, four-legged family member. Surgery services are also available at Southview, including using a surgical laser when necessary. Emergency visits are accepted anytime the clinic is open. Calling before arriving with your pet is recommended so the staff can be better prepared to assist you. After-hour emergency services are not available.

Our pets mean so much to us. They really are like part of the family. So if your pet is in need of medical care, is due for a vaccine, or maybe needs a pedicure, check out Southview. Rest assured that your pet will receive the needed attention with genuine love and care from their staff. Maybe you looking for veterinary services or will need a place to board your pet. Give Southview Veterinary Hospital a call at 620-241-4114. Be sure to visit their website to learn all the services they have available and while you’re there take the opportunity to get to know the clinic better by taking a virtual tour. AND you won’t want to miss going to their Facebook page, not only for the great tips regarding care for your pet, but they have posted the cutest pet photos ever! Chamber Ribbon Cutting photos for Southview Veterinary Hospital can be seen here.