Member Spotlight- Stupka Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Member Spotlight- Stupka Chiropractic & Wellness Center

When you feel the need to “chill out” this summer, Stupka Chiropractic & Wellness Center, 114 E. Euclid, is the place to go! The Chamber Connections attendees were as excited to see and hear about the new CryoSauna unit at Stupka Chiropractic, as the Stupka Chiropractic staff were to tell us about it & show it off.

So, what is Cryotherapy and who could benefit from it? Cryotherapy is a treatment which exposes your body to sub-zero temperatures, and provides multiple health & beauty benefits. In extreme cold your body draws blood from your extremities to your core, where it’s able to increase in oxygen & nutrients. As you warm up, oxygen rich blood is sent back to the extremities, targeting the fatigued and injured areas first. Some of the health benefits include relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines and recovery from athletics. It also burns calories, boosts collagen and tightens skin. You may likely have extra energy and sleep better after a Cryo Sauna treatment also! The maximum Cryotherapy treatment time is 3 minutes. So, on your first visit from beginning to end, you’re only looking at a total of 15-20 minutes, including filling out the necessary paperwork, treatment, and back out the door. The following visits will run about 5-7 minutes total. A two-minute Cryotherapy session is the equivalent of a 45-minute ice bath. Great things can happen in just a few minutes at 115-200 degrees below zero.

If you’re concern is getting too cold, or feeling trapped in the machine, you have no reason to worry. One of the friendly Stupka Chiropractic staff will stay with you the entire treatment time to assure your comfort and safety. The U.S. made unit has a safety button that must be pushed every few seconds to ensure it’s never ran too long, and only 5 pounds of pressure will open the door and shut the machine down. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, they are right there to assist you and so far, nobody has ever used the machine and not come back for another treatment! It is recommended that you give the Cryo Sauna unit at least three sessions. Most people experience results and improvements after just one visit, but it is not recommended as a one-and-done type treatment.

Stupka Chiropractic IS the name, so of course Cryotherapy is just one of the many services they offer. Along with chiropractic care, they also offer acupuncture, decompression therapy, they specialize in pregnancy chiropractic care, and are currently offering sports physicals for $25. There are many great reasons to stop by Stupka Chiropractic & Wellness Center at 114 E. Euclid, like them on Facebook or call 620-504-6677 for an appointment or with questions, but if you need more….

You do not have to be a patient of Stupka Chiropractic to take advantage of the Cryo Sauna. Cryotherapy is a cash service for anyone and everyone! Right now, they are offering a First Visit Special, only $25 with their $5 off coupon for the Cryo Sauna. Each session after the first is $30. They also have package deals you can take advantage of: 4 Cryotherapy sessions for only $100, or stretch your dollars even further and enjoy 10 sessions for $225. For even more fun, how about a Cryo Party?! Get a group of 5 or more together and reserve the Cryo Sauna just for your enjoyment. Have a girls’ night, a guys’ night, or even a couples’ night & leave feeling rejuvenated! Call or stop by and talk to Hannah, Stacy, Kenna, Dr. Morgan or Dr. Brandon Stupka & let Stupka Chiropractic and Wellness take care of you!