Member Spotlight- Syndeo Staffing

Member Spotlight- Syndeo Staffing

Syndeo Staffing Central Kansas, based in Newton at 601 SE 36th Street – Suite 138, is a complete Professional Employer Organization (PEO). They have experts who can assist in the areas of HR, payroll, risk management, or benefit support for a business, which in turn allows that business to focus ON its business. Company owners and leaders find they then have the freedom to focus on and grow their business because they have the direct support of Syndeo.

Syndeo’s Recruiting Manager Anna Lavington used a quote from the popular TV show The Office, to sum up why she, Vice President Joe Parrott, and Operations Manager Jason Germany — the Central Kansas Branch of Syndeo Staffing — are doing what they do. The quote she used was …“ ’You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky’ – Michael Scott.” Explaining the use of this quote Anna simply said, “The three of us were given an opportunity with Syndeo to branch out and start something new. The three of us knew we wanted to do something bigger than the three of us and so we really found something that allowed us to fulfill our mission which is to serve the community through job placement and client connections. To create the ultimate customer focus and employment destination. So, that’s why we’re here!”

Together the three of them – Anna, Joe, and Jason — bring years of subject matter expertise to the table. Jason has operational excellence in risk management. Anna brings knowledge of client management and human resources. Joe has experience in manufacturing and industry. Currently, they service the Hutchinson, Newton, Salina, and McPherson areas. Syndeo Staffing specializes in manufacturing, light industrial, warehouse, and hospitality, in addition to skilled trade and office talents.

Syndeo Staffing works with companies who are looking for long-term employees, or maybe just hiring employees on a temporary basis. They realize that each company is unique and as a result, the services Syndeo provides for their clients are completely customized to that company’s specific needs.

They are definitely not a “one-size-fits-all” kind of staffing service. They get to know the companies they work with and help build relationships with management and employees. By knowing and understanding the companies they work with, Syndeo is able to use that knowledge to find the candidates that prove to be the best fit within that company. They are able to help assist companies and businesses fill staffing openings at every level — from the entry-level all the way up to senior management positions. With Syndeo, you’ll have a technology system, high-touch customer service, as well as full-service HR solutions.

“As a team, we’re really doing our very best to help people to find a place for any viable candidate that comes through our doors,” said Anna. She also added Syndeo’s thanks for the support and kindness that they have experienced as they work with clients in the McPherson area. Syndeo Staffing Central Kansas is an accessible team that will support your business through custom HR services. For more information about Syndeo Staffing Central Kansas you can go to their website at, visit their Facebook page, or give them a call at 316-219-6100. Here are photos from the Chamber Connections hosted by Syndeo Staffing Central Kansas.