Member Spotlight- The Cedars Assisted Living Community Area

Member Spotlight- The Cedars Assisted Living Community Area

Did you know that The Cedars is the longest continuous retirement community in the State of Kansas, serving their residents for over 130 years? The Cedars, located at 1021 Cedars Drive, has so much to offer their residents to ensure comfort and opportunities in day to day living.

Just recently, The Cedars has completed a project which will greatly enhance the lives of their residents. The updating and remodeling of the Assisted Living Community Area will benefit residents greatly.

Clearly the importance of having a space for residents to be able to socialize and build relationships within The Cedars community was something that was desired. This rang true especially during the days of COVID. Getting folks out of their apartments and enjoying the outdoors was something that The Cedars wanted to improve upon. And now the recently remodeled Assisted Living Community Area is helping to serve that very purpose.

This newly refreshed area offers a technology center, a coffee bar, restaurant-style dining – with both indoor and outdoor dining area options! There are areas to watch television, read a book, sit by the fireplace, or maybe do some work on one of the computers. There is space for families to gather, no matter what the size!

As you look around the Assisted Living Community Area you can clearly see that this remodel was carefully designed with the residents in mind. That was no accident. The remodel committee consisted of three of the independent living residents and four Cedars employees. Clearly the residents needs were at the forefront!

How will this new space benefit The Cedars residents? LaMonte Rothrock, CEO at The Cedars said, “What we had was a cafeteria in some ways, and a space that didn’t invite people to come down in between eating experiences or trying to create spaces for people to come down, for family members to be here. A lot of you would remember during COVID family members weren’t even allowed in… We’re trying to create spaces again to get people out of their apartments. We understand the social/emotional piece so well that we need provide those opportunities for people to interact with each other. So that was really the motivation behind this project.”

To accomplish that, different spaces were created within the area. The comfort issue (too cold in the winter) was addressed by moving the exterior door providing an airlock to keep it more insulated. Sitting areas around the fireplace were opened up making a very comfortable area for conversation. There is also a desk and computer area accessible to residents. One area of the space has a nice countertop/serving area which can facilitate cooking classes or presentations. Areas for dining were adjusted and can now easily accommodate any size of gathering. Basically the Assisted Living Community Area was opened up and made much more flexible as far as a living space.

Regarding the Assisted Living Community Area remodel, McPherson Assistant City Administrator Daniela Rivas had this to say, “This area will be the hub of socialization, active lifestyles, and community building for many, many years to come… We would not be the successful city we are without this organization, this community, and the dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do and give back… It really does take a village.”

As per their Mission Statement – The Cedars is a retirement community committed to providing comprehensive health and wellness services, quality living options, and a compassionate Christian environment. They offer independent living, assisted living, healthcare living, memory care, and rehabilitation services for those recovering from surgery or an illness. You can learn more about The Cedars by visiting their website at or checking out their Facebook page. Photos from The Cedars Ribbon Cutting for their Assisted Living Community Area can be seen here.

Celebrating with The Cedars at their Chamber Ribbon Cutting are L-R: Chamber Ambassador Eric Duerksen, Chamber Board President Tiffani Floyd, McPherson Assistant City Administrator Daniela Rivas, The Cedars Facilities Director Rusty Blanchard, CEO LaMonte Rothrock, McPherson Chamber Executive Director Debbie Hawkinson, and Cedars Board Member Denise O’Connor Munsey.