Member Spotlight – The Locker Room Nutrition & Energy

Member Spotlight – The Locker Room Nutrition & Energy

If you’re wanting a healthy smoothie, look no further than The Locker Room Nutrition & Energy, at 101 N. Main. And let me tell you — you are definitely in for a treat! And a healthy treat no less!

There are SO many options on the menu at The Locker Room Nutrition & Energy. But don’t be intimidated! The staff will walk you through it!

One option on their menu is a Combo. This is a three-step choice that starts with an Aloe Shot (with three flavor choices – cranberry, mango, or mandarin!). An Aloe Shot basically tastes like fruit flavored water, that helps with digestive health and nutrient absorption. Next step in the Combo is the Basic Tea (peach, lemon, raspberry, original, cinnamon, chai, and substitutes are also available with zero caffeine!). The last step in the Combo is the meal replacement shake (lots of flavor options to choose from, but too many to list here!). This shake is packed with 21 different vitamins and nutrients and 24 grams of protein. It’s only 220 calories but tastes like ice cream! You can’t go wrong!

The Locker Room Nutrition & Energy is a community driven business, and the owner Katie Murray is very passionate about that aspect. Her desire is for it to be “a positive place where people can come in and interact and have a smile, and a shake and a tea. That’s kind of like the heartbeat of our business.”  She also added, “We’re excited to be here in the community. It’s been extremely supportive. They’ve really wrapped their arms around us, especially in such a weird time. It’s been a true blessing we’ve found a home in McPherson. We’re excited to be here.”

There’s always something going on at The Locker Room Nutrition & Energy. They have weight loss challenges to promote the community getting healthy. They plan fun store events for their customers, as well as having a special monthly menu. For example, April’s special menu offers a Cadbury Egg or Tootsie Roll shake – and it’s HEALTHY!

Katie has an interesting backstory regarding her journey to McPherson. She went to WSU and ran track there for three years. Although she graduated with a degree in business, as an athlete she was very focused on nutrition. Her last year of college she found herself working at a nutrition bar. She fell in love with it and the atmosphere and was very interested in the nutrition side of things. Upon graduation, she decided to open a location in west Wichita called The Ridge. She had it for about a year and a half and then ended up selling it to her business partner. Katie then opened a location in Newton which she named Sandcreek Nutrition, and she now has this location in McPherson. Katie floats back and forth between the two stores but admits that the McPherson location is kind of like her home because she likes to hang out here! She said she really loves the community of McPherson and states unequivocally, “I’ve never seen a Main Street so active as McPherson’s!”

When asked how she came up with the name The Locker Room Nutrition & Energy for her store, Katie said “history-wise” she tries to tie the store’s name to the community’s vibe, and she described McPherson as a very “sports driven town!” And with Katie being an athlete herself, it seems to be a natural fit.

The Locker Room Nutrition & Energy is located right on the corner at 101 N. Main, creating a healthy community in McPherson. It’s a great place to grab a healthy shake, energizing tea, or coffee and hang out — or maybe even get some studying done! Be sure to check them out on their Facebook page.  You can see photos from The Locker Room Nutrition & Energy’s Chamber Ribbon Cutting here. The Locker Room Nutrition & Energy is open Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Hope to see you there!