Member Spotlight – Wetlands Irrigation & Turf

Member Spotlight – Wetlands Irrigation & Turf

Wetland Irrigation started in the early 90’s in McPherson, and the current owner, Olin Unruh, purchased the company in March 2010. Wetlands Irrigation will now go by Wetlands Irrigation & Turf  because of the recent partnership with Luke Koehn, Wetlands Turf Care Manager. A few services include residential and commercial property irrigation and turf management, winterization, fertilizing, seeding new lawns and installing sod.

“Our vision with Wetlands Irrigation and Turf is to be the regional lawn irrigation and fertilization leader in customer service and technology,” said Olin Unruh. “We want to be a company that you can trust, that is true to their word and you can feel comfortable having at your home.”

“A few things we run across is people not watering their lawn at the proper times and either watering not enough or too much, that is why we offer water management contracts. We come out four times a year to check that the system is operating properly, that there are no problems and adjust the water schedule per season.”

Wetlands also offers Hydrawise, a Wi-Fi sprinkler system that turns your smart device into a controller. You can control your system and get notifications remotely; it adjusts the water amount based on weather conditions and get reports sent straight to Wetlands so they can monitor your system. “There is so much technology in these units for being so inexpensive,” said Olin. Average homeowner has seen a 50% in water savings.

To learn more about Wetlands Irrigation and Turf  check out their website at Also check out these photos on Facebook from the Chamber connections hosted by Wetlands.