Member Spotlight- Wetlands Irrigation

Member Spotlight- Wetlands Irrigation

Spring is just around the corner, and with that lawncare comes to mind. When you think of lawncare, look to Wetlands Irrigation! Olin Unruh, owner said Wetlands Irrigation has been around since the early 1990’s when it was established by Irv Greer of Nelson Nursery and Bob Baldwin. In 2010, Olin Unruh purchased the business.

Having a lawn properly irrigated involves more than turning your sprinkler system on and off. There are new things available in lawncare technology to help you out. One of those things is a WIFI controller for your sprinkler system. It will link your phone with weather stations and feed “real time” weather to the controller. This allows the system to water when the lawn needs it. For example, if there’s a 70% or more chance of rain, or if the wind is more than 15 MPH, the sprinkler system will not turn on. It has lots of options like this to make the sprinkler system more efficient so as not to waste water.

Wetlands Irrigation has service contracts tailored to your lawncare needs and they are available to take care of sprinkling systems through the year. They will winterize your system, do a spring start-up and check to be sure that it is ready to go through the season.

Landscape lighting is something new for Wetlands Irrigation. They can take the most ordinary home – use lighting to highlight trees or architectural features of your home, and it will transform it instantly. It is great for outdoor living spaces and for areas around your home that should be lit for safety or security reasons. Colored lighting is also an option.

Wetlands Turf Care, managed by Luke Koehn, is a new service that has been added to the Wetlands Irrigation family. They will work hand in hand with the irrigation side of your lawncare. Wetlands Irrigation serves both commercial and residential properties and they’ve even done ball fields!

It’s not too early to get your sprinkler system or lawn ready for the new year. Give Wetland Irrigation’s a call at 620-242-4607 if you’re thinking about getting a sprinkler system, or if you need yours prepped for the season. They’ll see that you’re taken care of. Learn more about Wetlands Irrigation on their website. See photos from Chamber Connections here.