2022 OMEGA Honorees

2022 OMEGA Honorees

The Outstanding McPherson Eighth Grade Award (OMEGA) nominations are submitted by teachers, neighbors, grandparents, ministers, family friends, and youth leaders with stories about amazing youth that are kindhearted, resilient, and generous. We want to share how their positive attitudes are making a difference.

Congratulations to the following 8th grade students from McPherson County.

You got a friend in Ryan Cass! Ryan Cass is a perfect example what it means to be a friend to everyone. The Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award is given to Ryan because he is a sincere friend to all kids. Ryan is amazingly kind and loves cheering on those around him. This compassion towards others has led Ryan to have a spirit of service. He is self-motivated to pick up a piece of trash, hold a door, give a hug or smile, and pray for someone who needs it.

Thank you, Ryan, for being a great example of what it means to be a friend to everyone.

Compassion that turns into service is a great thing to have in your life. Peyton Bonham is a perfect example of such compassion and service. The Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award is awarded to Peyton for her dedication to make a difference in someone’s life. Peyton over the years has raised over $10,000 through her “Cookies for a Cause.” She has helped make a difference for ranchers, and those who are fighting cancer.

Thank you, Peyton, for your compassionate heart for your friends and for your community.

Known by many as a person who is not afraid to speak up when one of her classmates are being picked on. Kynslie Minns is a clear choice for the Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award. Kynslie is not only courageous, but she is also compassionate in helping others. While in elementary school, she learned some sign language to help a younger student during lunch. You will find Kynslie being courageous and compassionate, but you will also find her helping serve younger kids during McPherson Mini Main.

Thank you, Kynslie, for being a wonderful example of love and compassion towards others.

When it comes to service, Dylan Bruce is always one of the first to volunteer. This attitude of service comes from his compassion for others. Whether it is helping to distribute food during the Farm to Table program or volunteering with his church, Dylan goes above and beyond to help with the needs of others. These traits that Dylan demonstrates makes him a deserving choice for the Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award.

Thank you, Dylan, for being a great example of looking beyond ourselves and seeking opportunities to help others!


Leading by example is what Brayden Senecal is all about. This year, Brayden took charge in leading a lesson for his youth group. It went so well that two others are wanting to lead a lesson for the youth group. Not only is Brayden helping others become leaders, but Brayden is also serving the church with being on the tech team. On Sunday mornings, you can find Brayden hanging out in the sound booth helping with worship service. Brayden is an excellent candidate for the Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award.

Thank you, Brayden, continue to set an example for others in speech, in conduct, and in love.

Being the second child of seven comes with great opportunities to be courageous, compassionate, and having an attitude of service. Allison Henry is a caring and smart young lady who is a shining example of what it means to have a big heart! Allison is well-deserved of the Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award. Whether it is Allison serving others at her job, church, or helping her younger siblings, you can find her being a team player and being willing to find more ways to help others.

Thank you, Allison, for your big heart and being a great leader at work, church, and at home!

This Inman Jr. High School student is well-deserving of the Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award. According to all her teachers at Inman Jr. High School, Allee Mannebach is one of the most compassionate students. If Allee sees someone in need, she is the first one to help. Allee gives 100% in everything she does and that has resulted in her being on the honor roll every year. Allee is a genuinely happy person that positively impacts all of those around her.

Thank you, Allee, for modeling respect and kindness to your classmates and teachers.