Anyone Can Lead

Anyone Can Lead

I was asked recently about the all-inclusive approach to Leadership McPherson Class enrollment. Having been with the McPherson Chamber for many years and doing a little research for our 100th-anniversary celebration, I was familiar with how the program enrollment process differs from 1982.

Leadership McPherson has been a professional development program since 1982 and is one of the oldest leadership programs in the state of Kansas. While the program was a fantastic learning opportunity in 1982 and throughout the 1990s, it has evolved into something even more impactful for our community today.

The Leadership Advisory Committee, comprised of 15 alums, continues to evaluate and modify the program every year. In 2000 the curriculum was restructured around Servant Leadership, adding a class project to benefit the youth in our community. These incredible projects have touched many lives and continue to make a difference.

Leadership McPherson Class is an all-inclusive enrollment process. Open enrollment versus needing to be nominated and then going through a selection process has been in place since 2004 and aligns with the Kansas Leadership Center principle of “Anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere.”

KLC says together, when everyone leads, “we’ll solve our most important challenges and create lasting, positive change in our organizations, companies, and communities.” In their book The KLC Leadership Framework it says: “ …we envision a future where people everywhere embrace the notion that leadership is an activity, not a position. We envision a future when everyone leads.”

-Debbie Hawkinson, Executive Director