Area Eighth Graders Recognized with OMEGA

Area Eighth Graders Recognized with OMEGA

The OMEGA Award was created by the McPherson Chamber of Commerce in 2005 to recognize 8th grade students in McPherson County for making a difference in our community through their compassionate gestures, positive attitudes, considerate actions, and courage to overcome life’s challenges. To borrow the words from Jane Goodall “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

The McPherson Chamber presented the OMEGA awards to the honorees at each of their schools during the first part of May. View photos and read snippets of their stories about taking the initiative to make positive changes and being role models who are leading by example on the Chamber’s Facebook page.

We appreciate the youth pastors, neighbors, and teachers who submitted nominations, and we are grateful for the opportunity to help recognize these incredible students. It is always heartwarming and inspiring to learn how their courage, compassion, and service are impacting our community and brightening our world!

Congratulations to the 2023 Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award (OMEGA) honorees: Lilly Thompson, Chelsea Wandler, Jaisah Hurley, Serenity Magnall, Maddie Snook, Cane Krase, and Ari Prose.

Lilly Thompson– Your heart for others is evident in the time you contributed to help pack medical supplies and organize clothes for the less fortunate during a KC mission trip. Your kindness was noticed in your attitude to help the homeless, and your desire to pray for others involved in emergency situations. You have overcome personal challenges and battles, and it has been said “I am really proud of how Lilly has grown in the faith and as a person these last three years.” Thank you for your compassion for others. Keep sharing your faith!

Chelsea Wandler– You are a shining star who puts in the extra effort to help your peers, younger students, and even adults. Your cheerful attitude and kindness towards others is appreciated and it has been implied that you brighten this world by creating more smiles! Thank you for listening to others and suggesting positive action to resolve problems or provide for needs. Facing your own challenges and using those experiences to help others is a true gift. Keep leading with a positive attitude.

Jaisah Hurley– Your teachers say you are a kind and compassionate young lady who strives for excellence in all you do. Not only are you persistent and have a strong work ethic, you also have the drive and determination to overcome challenges. Hold true to these energetic traits, use your inner motivation to help others reach their potential, and remember to take time to celebrate the amazing person you are!

Serenity Magnall– You are brave and “letting your light shine brightly”! Not only do you excel in the classroom, but you are also a star on the stage too. Your story through the eyes of another describes your “greatest impact on the McPherson Community flows through her heart for others.” Thank you for helping others feel welcome, for giving them the gift of a hug, and for letting them know they belong. Your compassion for others and your advocacy on their behalf is appreciated and admired. Your light brightens the world!

Maddi Snook– Your bravery during your adjustment to a new country, a new culture, and new community is an inspiration to others. What an incredible young lady you are to try new activities, participating in band, jazz band, scholar’s bowl, student council, and wrestling. You are appreciated for volunteering your time to play the flute during worship service at FUMC, and for striving to make others feel comfortable for who they are. Your courage and compassion to accept others no matter what is changing lives.

Cane Krase– You have been described an “exceptional young man who finds a way to be helpful and compassionate in all he does.” Your attention to detail and focus are appreciated as well as your ability to troubleshoot and come up with creative solutions. Your competitive edge and drive to improve your skills is a testament to your commitment, and your acts of leadership to encourage your teammates and celebrate their victories are very much valued. Thank you for finding ways to include your classmates and for being a friend to look up to. Let your faith continue to guide you Cane, “an upstanding young man, with an amazing future in front of him.”

Ari Prose– You have been recognized as a “soft-spoken person who cares about her community and those around her.” You are always willing to help in the classroom and through community volunteerism. Your quick smile is contagious, and you have “a spirit about you that feels welcoming and kind.” Ari, your dedication to band, track, cross country, basketball, and academics is an impressive foundation. Thank you for caring, for leading by example, and for listening so that others feel heard and valued.