Be Thankful EVERY Day!

Be Thankful EVERY Day!

November symbolizes the annual reminder about being Thankful. But why is it we need a reminder? And why would we wait until November to celebrate all the good in our lives and communicate our appreciation to those around us? When I looked up the meaning of Thanksgiving, the definition included “the national holiday celebrating blessings”
and “expressing gratitude.” Definitely the perfect day for that, but everyday can be the perfect day for giving Thanks.

I believe we should intentionally celebrate our blessings EVERY day. Simple ways like a quite prayer,
sharing a smile, journaling, or even participating in a daily gratitude challenge. There are some pretty awesome ones on Pinterest. One that caught my eye was someone’s “thankful list” that included: holding hands, a funny story, reaching a goal, the sound of rain, learning something new, a warm blanket and a child’s giggle. All very wonderful blessings.

Celebrating blessings goes hand-in-hand with expressing gratitude. Make it purposeful to thank someone for the little things or compliment a stranger. Show your appreciation by spending time with loved ones, volunteering in your community, or engaging in random acts of kindness.

I am thankful to everyone who has faced this challenging year together, and those who have been intentional in supporting our local businesses and organizations. McPherson is a resilient and innovative community that is filled
with people who honestly care.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, remember that EVERY day is a gift full of blessings, and they only magnify when we express our gratitude.

~ Debbie Hawkinson, Executive Director, McPherson Chamber of Commerce