Become the Chief Caring Officer (COO)

Become the Chief Caring Officer (COO)

I have been slowly reading The Carpenter by Jon Gordon. Slowly, not because it’s boring, but because it has so much wisdom that I have to take time to absorb all the meaningful content. I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes in the story, but I won’t be a book spoiler because I honestly haven’t even finished it yet.  I’m savoring it!

The main character, the Carpenter, is a mentor who guides others to realize that success comes by helping others and that it is essential to have the right attitude. “I just know that what you think, you become. I know that how you see the world determines the world you see and how the world see you. I know your perspective can take a bad situation and turn into a great outcome. I know a positive attitude not only draws people to you, but it also gives you power to overcome all the obstacles you will face as you build your success.”

The also book focuses on three success strategies. “Not all leaders love, serve, and care, but all who love, serve, and care are leaders.”

“Always remember that great organizations that care are composed of people who care greatly-and it starts with you. Not because you are the leader of the company, but because one person who cares inspires everyone around them to care. Anyone in any organization can be CCO, Chief Caring Officer.”

“Caring is the ultimate success building strategy. People make it complicated but it’s simple: Care about the work you do. Surround yourself with people who care. Show your team you care about them. Build a team that cares about one another. Together show your customers you care about them.”

This applies to making a difference at home as well. Another favorite message from the book is “I believe we are who we are because someone loved us. And your team and family will become who they become because you love them.” Showing you care can take on several forms like little notes in your kid’s lunch box. “He wanted to create the pathway to their future accomplishments, victories, and triumphs with the right belief system and so he wrote a positive message each day.” Giving them the “gift of encouragement, optimism, and belief.”

“What matters most? What priorities drive you each day? What are you doing that makes you come alive? What are you doing to live and share your purpose?” Check out The Carpenter by Jon Gordon and enjoy the meaningful messages from page 1-134.

-Debbie Hawkinson, Executive Director