Change and Opportunities

Change and Opportunities

Downtown McPherson doesn’t look like it did 50 years ago, nor does it have the exact same business landscape that it did 10 years ago. This constant change means enduring loss while also welcoming and celebrating new entrepreneurs who choose McPherson to create their dream.

Many of you remember Renberger Jewelers who hung their sign on Main Street in the 1950’s and proudly served the McPherson community through two generations. Fast forward to today, we are blessed to have Venable Jewelers and their incredible selection and service. What was once Morris & Sons offering quality dress clothing on the corner of KS and Main, transitioned into The Well where the community gathered for coffee, pastries, and conversation. That same location is now The Locker Room offering healthy shakes, where staff greet you by name and patrons of every age sit and catch up on life.

Change can be hard. The common saying that “the only constant is change” holds true with music, clothing, technology, home décor, and even food trends. While change is inevitable, one constant that will always ring true for McPherson is a community that cares! We care when businesses are struggling to find staff, when they are bravely exploring new products, services, or marketing strategies, and we care when life happens, and business owners must make hard decisions and take a different path. While we can’t fix everything, our community will always care deeply.

The McPherson Chamber is passionate about our community and serves in many capacities to help businesses succeed. One of our primary goals is connecting businesses with helpful resources and creating opportunities to thrive. Visit the business development tab at for resource links or contact us to learn how the McPherson Chamber can help promote your business.

We want to share a heartfelt thank you to all the small and large businesses who chose our -incredible community to plant their roots. You are appreciated and valued! We want you to prosper and embrace change, and we want you to be part of the landscape 50 years from now!

-Debbie Hawkinson, Executive Director