Christmas Cheer- Buddy Style

Christmas Cheer- Buddy Style

It’s supposed to be the season for Christmas Cheer, right? If you are struggling with the exhausting changes, expectations, and concerns of this crazy year, you are not alone. Maybe it is the daily stress that is dragging you
down, or maybe your enthusiasm and drive occasionally hits a roadblock and you have to reach deep and reset your
positivity and determination. The struggles are real.

If you are looking for ways to re-energize, laugh, and zap some Christmas Cheer back into your being, start by
watching the 2003 Christmas movie Elf! Just seeing a picture of Buddy the Elf, with his face lit up with pure joy and
his stance radiating excitement, lightens my mood.

Although I would not recommend drowning your spaghetti with maple syrup like Buddy, here are a few things that you may want to try.

• Bake some cookies for Santa, and yourself, and for your neighbors too.
• Have a Christmas movie marathon starting with Elf. It wouldn’t be Christmas without watching the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and Annabelle’s Wish.
• Make snowflakes with your kids to hang throughout the house.
• Volunteer your time to help the many organizations making the holidays brighter for those in our community that need assistance.
• Have a (Zoom) Christmas carol singing party or get bundled up and sing outside a loved one’s window to spread Christmas Cheer by “singing loud or all to hear.”
• Definitely snuggle with your family and remind yourself of all your blessings.

Don’t be a “cotton-headed ninny muggings” and let the season go by without filling your holidays with laughter and Christmas Cheer. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a new year filled with kindness, motivation, and joy.

~ Debbie Hawkinson, Executive Director, McPherson Chamber of Commerce.