“Come Fly With Us”

“Come Fly With Us”

The Leadership McPherson Class of 2021 decided that sometimes changing direction is the best path forward. After following their hearts and coming to a class consensus for their class project, they created a mental health survey in hopes of better understanding the mental health needs of McPherson elementary aged children. Their goal; to improve faculty/staff training, raise awareness about mental health at a young age, and compile a document of resources available to students & parents.

They later discovered that although mental health continues to be a top concern, the enormity of the challenge, and the impact their class could achieve was limited. Determined to make a difference in the lives of youth in our community (the goal of the Leadership McPherson Class projects) the 2021 class switched gears. They organized a unique event at the McPherson Airport on July 9th that will be remembered for years to come.

On a beautiful sunny morning, the children and families with Steps To End Poverty of McPherson County, and the Oak Harbor Cottages, gathered for a new adventure. Those between the ages of 8-17 discovered the joy of flight while “co-piloting” with five amazing pilots, as part of the Young Eagles Program. With huge smiles and plenty to tell, the children received a certificate to commemorate their experience. They also had the opportunity to try their skills in the flight simulator. The little ones flew their toy planes and filled the air with bubbles while waiting on big brothers and sisters. There was plenty of excitement for all ages.

The Leadership McPherson Class visited with families and volunteers while serving snacks, drinks, and a homemade meal. A huge thank you to Cynthia Peterson with the McPherson Airport, and the pilots for sharing their time and talents to introduce kids to the world of aviation. Kudos to the Leadership McPherson Class of 2021 for knowing when to pivot, and for creating the incredible “Come Fly With Us” event. A child’s first flight experience is a memory they will treasure for a lifetime!

Check out photos from the event on the McPherson Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.