Daily Adjustments

Daily Adjustments

Do you find it interesting how certain words that were rarely heard before 2020, seem to be in every headline and radio broadcast? Words like pandemic, unprecedented, and resilient. Now, it seems that we have introduced pivot, adapt, and reimagine to the top trendy words.

I can relate. My home is currently under construction to update ancient light fixtures, worn out faucets and a popcorn ceiling that has seen its better days. Easy peasy right? We had our fingers crossed, but as anyone who has
undergone this type of renovations can attest, the reality is things don’t go as planned. We have a terrific contractor who is working through the glitches with us on a daily basis because something unexpected always comes up.
Day after day, dollar after dollar and at some point, you just want to quit. But this is life, so we adapt, make adjustments, pivot to reimagine spaces and create something even better. (Notice I used all of the trendy words.)

Life will always come with unexpected setbacks and challenges that require us to do things differently. We can let it wear us down, or we can adjust and overcome one day at a time, together.

Ideally, we would be pro-active in preparing for challenges, but when life happens, we pivot to being re-active. This is when determination and adaptation, two essential life skills, will be important. What can we do to be pro-active you ask? Maintaining our health and well-being, so when these obstacles come along each day, they will seem
minor. We can also work on building a strong support system of friends and family to recharge our soul, making it easier to tackle the small stuff and get through the big stuff too.

So, take time to recharge, build up your mental health and your support system, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Our community has many resources and is an incredible force that stands united. Tackling life’s challenges one day at a time.  ~ Debbie Hawkinson, Executive Director, McPherson Chamber of Commerce