Easter Bunny Drive-By a Sight to See!

Easter Bunny Drive-By a Sight to See!

I have always been McPherson Proud but continue to be wowed by the exuberant community support and incredibly generous actions. Positive actions both large and small are raising community moral and building hope. This year’s circumstances of social distancing may have cancelled long standing and much-loved traditions, but it also created an opportunity to celebrate the Easter season in a unique way.

When the idea of an Easter Bunny Drive-By was suggested, Fire Chief TJ Wyssman was all for it. He rallied his crew and took action. From the initial Facebook post about a “surprise” and throughout the day of the drive-by, the anticipation built. On Saturday afternoon, every neighborhood in McPherson had excited faces peering down the street and listening for the first hint of the fire trucks.

What was projected to take approximately 4 hours, ended up being close to a 6 hour parade, but WOW was it worth the wait! True dedication by the McPherson Fire Department and McPherson Police Department to ensure that everyone on every street witnessed this special treat. They certainly went all out in their efforts to create uplifting memories, and they reminded us all how fortunate we are to live in the McPherson community.

Thank you to Fire Chief T.J. Wyssman for your leadership and enthusiasm and to the tireless crew of the McPherson Fire Department and McPherson Police Department for bringing joy to so many. You are much appreciated. The Easter Bunny also gets a standing ovation for the many “heated” hours bundled in that furry suit on a beautiful sunny day. Thanks to Janet Rader, the Easter Bunny was properly attired, and special recognition goes to Atelier Design and Print for the fantastic Happy Easter banners and sign of HOPE!

-Debbie Hawkinson, Executive Director