Enrollment Open for Leadership McPherson 2021

Enrollment Open for Leadership McPherson 2021

Leadership McPherson Develops Leaders by Empowering All People, Igniting Their Passions, and Inspiring Service.

Enhance your leadership skills and knowledge of McPherson by becoming a part of the McPherson Chamber of Commerce Leadership McPherson. Developing leaders since 1982, the leadership program is an in-depth, educational program that focuses on developing individual leadership skills and giving participants the skills to move organizations and businesses forward.

Goals of Leadership McPherson

  • Examine new leadership concepts and their emerging roles in the communities.
  • Recognize, instruct, and encourage effective, potential leaders.
  • Discover the concerns and opportunities facing the McPherson area.
  • Develop a format for ongoing communication among new and established leaders—network ideas and involvement.
  • Inspire leaders to increase their civic involvement in the local area, use the skills learned in their home, work, family, and volunteer organizations.
  • Create awareness of the importance of the future generations and how visionary leadership can make a difference in our community.

What To Expect

We want learners! Your success and that of those learning with you requires complete commitment and participation. We have high expectations of each participant during the class sessions and after the training program. We ask that you make a personal commitment to become involved in your community. You will learn more about yourself and recognize talents, skills, and strengths you never knew you had. You will discover new traits to celebrate and appreciate in others as well. Together, you will gain more confidence and become empowered. At the conclusion of your leadership training, as a class you will participant in deciding, and executing a class project that benefits the youth of McPherson.

“Those most connected to their community value their journey as well as their destination. For all the obstacles they face, they derive satisfaction from the people they meet, the challenges they engage, the lessons they learn, and the knowledge that they’re staying true to their beliefs.” -Paul Rogat

The 2021 Leadership Class will run from August 4- November 3 and enrollment forms are due by July 12th. Class is limited to 12 participants. Click on the link for the 2021 Leadership McPherson Class Enrollment Form. Questions, call the McPherson Chamber of Commerce at 620-241-3303.